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The British Virgin Islands Hotels & Resorts

The Villas of Fort Recovery Villas Estate surround a historic 16th century landmark and is on the Caribbean side of the island, where the water is calmer. This creates an excellent swimming and snorkeling area, for their small, private beach. Being located on the South side of the island also provides a constant cooling tradewind, especially during the summer. Visit their Web site for more details and photos.
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The numbered list of hotels below correpsonds to our maps - look for this symbol Hotels and Resorts in the maps' referenced grids to locate the hotels. (The area code for all phone numbers is 284.)

  1. A & L Inn (Road Town Map D/E-2) Road Town ...494-6343
  2. Cane Garden Bay Cottages (D-7) Cane Garden Bay ...495-4871
  3. Elm Beach Suites (E-7) Cane Garden Bay ...494-2888
  4. Fort Recovery Estates, West End (H-5) ...495-4467
  5. Frenchman's Cay Hotel (I-4) West End ...495-4844
  6. Hodge's Creek Marina (E-16) Maya Cove ...494-5538
  7. Hotel Castle Maria (Road Town Map H-4) Road Town ...494-2553
  8. Johnny Hill Villa (E-7) Cane Garden Bay ...495-4559
  9. Jolly Roger Inn (H-2) West End ...495-4559
  10. Lambert Beach Resort (B-15) East End ...495-2877
  11. Long Bay Beach Resort (H-5) Long Bay ...495-4252
  12. Maria's Hotel By The Sea (Road Town Map E-4) Road Town ...494-2595
  13. Moorings-Mariner Inn (Road Town Map C-5) Road Town ...494-2331
  14. Nanny Cay Resort & Marina (G-10) Nanny Cay ...494-2512
  15. Ole Works Inn (E-8) Cane Garden Bay ...495-4837
  16. Prospect Reef Resort (F-11) Road Town ...494-3311
  17. Pussers Fort Burt Hotel (Road Town Map H-4) Road Town ...494-2587
  18. Sea View Hotel (Road Town Map G-4) Road Town ...494-2483
  19. Sebastians on the Beach (G-5) Little Apple Bay ...495-4212
  20. Sugar Mill Hotel, Apple Bay (G-6) ...495-4355
  21. Treasure Isle Hotel (Road Town Map B-4) Road Town ...494-2501
  22. Village Cay Hotel, Road Town (Road Town D-4) ...494-2771
Virgin Gorda:
  1. Biras Creek Resort (Virgin Gorda Map B-8) North Sound ...494-3555
  2. Bitter End Yacht Club (Virgin Gorda Map A-8) North Sound ...494-2746
  3. Cooper Island Beach Club (I-19) Cooper Island ...494-3721
  4. Fischer's Cove Beach (Virgin Gorda Map G-1) Fischer's Cove ...495-5252
  5. Guana Island Club (G-18) Guana Island ...494-2354
  6. Guavaberry Spring Bay (Virgin Gorda Map H-1) Virgin Gorda ...495-5227
  7. Leverick Bay Resort (Virgin Gorda Map B-5) Virgin Gorda ...495-7421
  8. Little Dix Bay Resort (Virgin Gorda Map E-2) The Valley ...495-5555
  9. Mango Bay Resort (Virgin Gorda Map D-3) Virgin Gorda ...495-5672
  10. Marina Cay (A-20) Marina Cay ...494-2174
  11. Nail Bay Resort (Virgin Gorda Map B-3) Virgin Gorda ...495-5452
  12. Necker Island (G-20) Necker Island (800) 557-4255
  13. Olde Yard Inn (Virgin Gorda Map F-2) The Valley ...495-5544
  14. Paradise Beach Resort (Virgin Gorda Map B-3) Mahoe Bay ...495-5871
  15. Peter Island Hotel (I-18) Peter Island ...495-2000
  16. Sandcastle (Jost Van Dyke Map) Jost Van Dyke ...495-9888
  17. Sea Crest Inn (Jost Van Dyke Map) Jost Van Dyke ...495-9024
  18. Seven Jewel Manor (Virgin Gorda Map G-2) Virgin Gorda ...495-6252
  1. Anegada Reef Hotel (Anegada Map) SW Anegada ...495-8002
  2. Ocean Range Hotel (Anegada Map) Settlement ...495-8017
  3. Sands Hotel (Anegada Map) NW Anegada ...495-8030

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