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January 31, 2011

Caribbean Operators Redesign Marketing Strategies with Growing Use of Social Networks

Social networks are challenging the predominance of Internet, providing Caribbean operators with new tools for interaction with customers, positioning of services, advertising new developments and implementing promotions.

Buenos Aires & Montevideo - 17 January 2011 - Signals Telecom Consulting, the leading telecommunications research and consulting firm for markets in Latin America and the Caribbean, announces the publication of its market report entitled Social Networks Strategy: Caribbean Operators.

The report covers:

Use of social networks to keep customers informed. Digicel and LIME are the operators in the region making most use of the advantages of Web 2.0.

Development of promotions and means used for interaction by selected Caribbean region operators.

Can user criticism on Facebook pages affect the operator's image? How can they be counteracted?

Social networks as a new customer service tool. Differences, advantages and disadvantages compared with traditional customer attention channels.

Taking advantage of social network use to position Pay TV services. What are the benefits for the promotion of such services? Analysis of Claro TV Puerto Rico, DirecTV and Flow.