February 26, 2007

3rd annual meeting on Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management

(PUERTO RICO, 13th February) – IBC and Informa Telecoms & Media are pleased to announce the 3rd edition of the annual international meeting on Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management, which will incorporate discussions on the ultimate developments for Billing Systems. With focus on the next generation services and challenges, the conference will be held in Puerto Rico, from 8th to 10th May at Condado Plaza Hotel & Casino.

In this leading regional event for revenue assurance, fraud and billing professionals, audience will benefit from hearing Rogelio Ancira Garza, Systems Director at Alestra México, Juliet Best, Investigation & Intelligence Manager at Cable & Wireless Barbados, Richard Reid, VP Corporate Security at Rogers Wireless Canada, Pedro Mora, Fraud & Security Working Group Deputy Chair at GSM LA, Marcelo Artieda, Revenue Assurance Manager at Conecel, Arodis Suazo, Security Director at PRTC, Miguel Garcia Rechani, Billing Manager at Centennial PR, Satcha Aguiar, Fraud Department Director at TRICOM, Gadi Solotorevsky, Member of the Advisory Board at TMFORUM, Melissa Harris, President at Telecom Training Corporation, Andreas Freund, Member of the Executive Council at GBA – Global Billing Association, John Brooks, Senior Principal at SUBEXAZURE, and much more.

About the initiative, the conference manager Ms. Fernanda Imai said: “This three-day networking event will bring together regional operators and solution providers to discuss how to identify and overcome actual and future threats, integrating with revenue assurance and minimizing results for your risk management strategy. The agenda will also cover billing systems consolidation, migration and integration, co-billing, IP billing, interconnect billing, prepaid billing, CRM billing, mediation and provisioning, besides the OSS & BSS issues”.

Organized by IBC and Informa Telecoms & Media, the conference is endorsed by Canto, CTU, GBA, TM Forum and GSM Association - Latin America, with the sponsor of Cape and SubexAzure. Detailed information on the event is available through the website www.ibcamericas.com/fraudbillingcaribbean or calling +55-11-3017-6888.

3rd Annual Meeting on “Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management & Billing Systems”
May 08th to 10th at the Condado Plaza Hotel & Casino – Puerto Rico
From 9am to 6pm
Organized by IBC
Registration: +55-11-3017-6888, or at www.ibcamericas.com/fraudbillingcaribbean


1. PRESS PARTICIPATION: Due to administrative issues, journalists interested in media coverage will be allowed to attend just the plenary sessions. For press participation, journalists must contact previously the IBC press team through the e-mail: ibc@ibcbrasil.com.br

IBC - International Business Communications - is an Informa business, www.informa.com (INF:FTSE250), a leading provider of specialist information to the global academic & scientific, professional and commercial communities via publishing, events and performance improvement. Since 1996, IBC operates in Brazil www.ibcbrasil.com.br, organizing more than 180 events per year in the Latin America and the Caribbean region. For further press information, contact IBC press team through the e-mail: ibc@ibcbrasil.com.br.

Marcelo Toledo
Communications Advisor - MTb 31.831
Informa group - IBC Division
Phone   + 55-11-3017-6857
Mobile   + 55-11-8389-5155
Fax       + 55-11-3017-6914

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February 13, 2007

Deal brokered in fibre optic dispute

From the Antigua Sun:

Antigua may soon see the connection of a second fibre optic cable system, as an agreement between Southern Caribbean Fibre (SCF) and the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) has paved the way for the SCF project to move forward.

The SCF submarine fibre optic cable was landed at Dickenson Bay in December but it has since lain dormant. The project stalled after it became clear that no contractual agreement was in place for SCF to use APUA’s network of ducts to run the cable on island. APUA’s Board of Commissioners refused to give permission for the cable to be run under such circumstances and demanded bilateral negotiations to establish a proper contract and work out the relevant costs and tariffs

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