December 27, 2007

Trustee Seeks to Sell Off Prosser Homes to Pay ICC Debts

The St. Thomas Source is reporting:

"Dec. 27, 2007 -- ICC Chapter 11 trustee Stan Springel filed a motion recently to sell off homes and other property belonging to Innovative Communications Corp. (ICC) and Vitelco owner Jeffrey Prosser to help pay ICC debts. Springel's filing in U.S. Bankruptcy Court asked Judge Judith Fitzgerald to deny personal residence exemptions claimed by Prosser and by his wife, Dawn Prosser, for three separate multi-million dollar houses, in Lake Placid, New York; Palm Beach, Fla.; and a condominium in Garden Beach on St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Prosser is in involuntary Chapter 7 bankruptcy and ICC, the parent company of Vitelco, which he owns, is in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. According to Prosser's financial filings with the court, the Lake Placid home is worth $1.4 million, the Palm Beach home $8.7 million and the Virgin Islands condo; $450,000."
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Atlantic Tele-Network Board Declares Quarterly Dividend

SALEM, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Atlantic Tele-Network, Inc. (NASDAQ:ATNI - News) today announced that its Board of Directors has declared a quarterly dividend of $0.16 per share, payable on January 17, 2008, on all common shares outstanding to stockholders of record as of January 7, 2008.

Atlantic Tele-Network, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATNI - News) is a telecommunications company with corporate offices in Salem, Massachusetts and St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Its principal subsidiaries include: Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company, Limited, which is the national telephone service provider in the Cooperative Republic of Guyana for all local, long-distance and international service, as well as the largest cellular service provider; Commnet Wireless, LLC, which provides voice and data wireless roaming services for U.S. and International carriers in rural areas throughout the United States; Sovernet, Inc., which provides wireline voice and data services to businesses and homes in Northern New England; and Choice Communications, LLC, which provides wireless television and wireless broadband services in the United States Virgin Islands. ATN also owns 43% of Bermuda Digital Communications Ltd., which, under the Cellular One name, is the largest provider of wireless voice and data services in Bermuda.

Atlantic Tele-Network, Inc.
Michael T. Prior, 978-619-1300
Chief Executive Officer
Justin D. Benincasa, 978-619-1300
Chief Financial Officer

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December 20, 2007

Digicel wins third GSM licence in BVI

From Telegeography:

The Caribbean wireless operator Digicel has won a licence to offer GSM mobile services in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). The firm says it has earmarked USD15 million as an initial investment into what will be its 24th market, and it plans to deploy a network with 100% population coverage. Digicel joins the two existing cellular operators in BVI: CCT Global and Cable & Wireless (C&W) subsidiary bMobile; C&W retains a monopoly in the fixed line sector.
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December 17, 2007

Growing Ecosystem Supports GSM/HSPA Wireless Technology in 1700/2100 MHz Band

More Spectrum to Be Auctioned in Western Hemisphere in 2008

149051_3GAmericas.gifBELLEVUE, WA--(Marketwire - December 13, 2007) - 3G Americas, the wireless association representing the GSM family of technologies throughout the Americas region, today expressed confidence in the growing ecosystem of leading wireless technology manufacturers that will support UMTS/HSPA for the 1700/2100 MHz spectrum band.

This band is known in the U.S. as the Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) frequency band. Not only is this band important in the U.S., but there is great potential for the continued allocation of 1700/2100 MHz spectrum throughout the Americas, with several auctions scheduled in 2008 in other countries in the region. The combination of a large ecosystem with broad use of the 1700/2100 MHz band in many countries throughout North, Central and South America will continue the success of the GSM family of technologies, the number one technology in the region, with its global footprint and a subscriber base reaching close to 2.8 billion worldwide.

"The two elements that will create success for the 1700/2100 MHz band are a large ecosystem of leading manufacturers and the harmonization offered by more countries in our Americas region adopting 1700/2100 MHz for advanced wireless services," noted Chris Pearson, President of 3G Americas. "These elements are now becoming evident, heightened by the focus of regulators on reserving this band for next generation mobile services."

Standardization work for UMTS/HSPA at 1700/2100 has been completed by 3GPP (Third Generation Partnership Project) and commercial products are coming to the market. The support offered by leading GSM/HSPA vendors for 1700/2100 MHz is represented in part by the following ecosystem:

Nokia Siemens Networks
Texas Instruments
Ericsson Mobile Platforms (EMP)
Sirific Wireless Limited
Infineon Technologies
RF Microdevices Inc.
Skyworks Solutions Inc.
Fairchild Semiconductor
Rohde & Schwarz
Airlinx Communications
Andrew Corporation

Operators in the Americas who adopt the 1700/2100 MHz band plan will also partially benefit from the commonality of band structure between Europe and the United States. The U.S. specifically identifies AWS I as 1710-1755 MHz and 2110-2155 MHz, i.e. 90 MHz of spectrum. Both the U.S. and Europe utilize the 2110-2155 MHz bands for mobile transmit. In September 2006, the 1700/2100 MHz spectrum auction was concluded in the U.S. T-Mobile USA and AT&T were among the GSM operators who acquired spectrum, and it is anticipated that T-Mobile USA will be announcing the launch of their 3G network in the near future.

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) endorsed the 1700/2100 MHz spectrum band, also known at 3GPP as UMTS Band IV, and this band is marked for auction or reserved in many countries in the Western Hemisphere. Canada will auction the 1700/2100 MHz band in May 2008, Chile is expected to auction this band in the first half of 2008, and Mexico will auction the same spectrum band by July 2008. Additional countries in the Americas that have reserved this band include Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador.

"Many regulatory entities throughout Latin America are faced with the important decision of choosing the appropriate spectrum bands that will provide economies of scale to deliver advanced wireless services," stated Erasmo Rojas, Director of Latin America and the Caribbean for 3G Americas. "The 1700/2100 MHz spectrum band is currently being considered by several countries, and 3G Americas expects that this will become a core band of mobile services in the region."

The 1700/2100 MHz band is particularly well-suited for UMTS/HSPA, with the 5 MHz channels perhaps providing a better spectrum fit than technologies that use narrower 1.25 MHz channels. It is expected that 1700/2100 MHz spectrum will be assigned as FDD spectrum by countries that auction it off, such as in the U.S. At this time, 1700/2100 MHz is an unlikely match for Mobile WiMAX 802.16e, which is not currently developed for Frequency Division Duplex (FDD). The Mobile WiMAX specification allows for FDD operation, but to date, the Mobile WiMAX system profile solely stipulates TDD. Since mobile WiMAX gets any implied cost or performance benefit by being optimized for single channel Time Division Duplex (TDD) voice and data, using the 1700/2100 MHz band could marginalize its performance. Furthermore, 3GPP's Long Term Evolution (LTE) is another prospective technology for the 1700/2100 MHz spectrum band, and is the technology of the generation beyond UMTS/HSPA.

Vicki Livingston, Director of Marketing for 3G Americas, stated, "The 1700/2100 MHz spectrum band is a growing ecosystem for UMTS/HSPA that is only partially defined today, as many companies have not made public announcements about their support for this band. For example, most major UMTS/HSPA device manufacturers already have 1700/2100 MHz production capability. We expect to see much more activity as UMTS/HSPA services are launched in this band in the coming months and additional spectrum auctions are held around the world."

About 3G Americas: Unifying the Americas through Wireless Technology

The mission of 3G Americas is to promote and facilitate the seamless deployment throughout the Americas of GSM and its evolution to 3G and beyond. The organization fully supports the Third Generation technology migration strategy to EDGE and UMTS/HSPA adopted by many operators in the Americas that accounts for over 86% of next-generation customers worldwide. 3G Americas is headquartered in Bellevue, WA with an office for Latin America and the Caribbean in Dallas, TX. For more information, visit our website at

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December 3, 2007

Digicel Acquires Tonga Mobile Operator TonFon

Digicel continues expanding in other regions:

NUKU'ALOFA, TONGA, Nov 29 (MARKET WIRE) -- Digicel Pacific Ltd., the fastest-growing mobile operator in the South Pacific,today announced continued expansion efforts across the Pacific region with its latest acquisition of Tonga mobile operator TonFon. Subject to regulatory and other approvals,Digicel's acquisition also includes gaining TonFon's ISP and cablebusinesses.

With a population of 102,000 people and current mobile penetration at just35% Digicel is committed to delivering mobile customers in Tonga real value, unprecedented service and new, first-to-market technology innovations. Digicel's efforts can only bring significant benefits to consumers, businesses and tourists, while at the same time increasing the competitiveness of Tonga and its attractiveness as a regional business center.

"As part of our regional expansion in the Pacific, we are delighted to announce our first step into Tonga today. We believe we have a great opportunity to build on the success of TonFon by introducing innovative, newproducts and services into the market and expanding the operation. We are excited about all the benefits that will be experienced by the people of Tonga," said Vanessa Slowey, Digicel Pacific Ltd. chief executive officer.

"This is a significant new development in the growth of Digicel in the Pacific region. Our aim is to place the entire Pan-Pacific region at the cutting-edge of wireless technology by delivering superior technology and being passionate about providing the best mobile phone service to customers," added Slowey.

Digicel first entered the South Pacific market with its launch in Samoa in November 2006, followed by the launch of Digicel Papua New Guinea in July 2007. According to the government's recent 2008 budget presentation, Digicel has already contributed to 0.7% growth to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Papua New Guinea. The Governments of Fiji, Vanuatu and several other countries in the Pacific have committed to license Digicel in the near future.

Digicel South Pacific's sister company, Digicel Group, is the largest mobile operator in the Caribbean and new entrant to Central America. The company operates in 23 markets and has nearly six million customers. About Tonga Location: South Pacific Population: 102,000 (November 2007) Telecommunications: 1 fixed line, 2 mobile operators Language: Tongan and English Economy: Tourism, fishing and agriculture About Digicel Pacific Limited

Since its launch in the Pacific in November 2006, Digicel has become the fastest-growing mobile operator in the Pacific with current operations in Samoa and Papua New Guinea, as well as commitments from the Governments of Fiji, Vanuatu and several other countries in the Pacific. Digicel is renowned for competitive rates, unbeatable coverage, superior customer care, a wide variety of products and services, and state-of-the-art handsets.

Digicel Pacific is a proud sponsor of several national rugby teams acrossthe Pacific including; Fiji Rugby, Digicel Fiji Sevens, Digicel Pacific Islanders Rugby Team and the Digicel Pukpuks.

Digicel Pacific is a sister company to Digicel Group in the Caribbean, which launched in 2001 and is now the largest GSM provider in the Pan Caribbean region with 5.7 million customers and employing in excess of 3500 people.

For more information, please visit Contact: Niamh Byrne Marketing Director Digicel Pacific +679 9996045 Dacrie Brooks Cohn & Wolfe - NY 212-798-9804 Copyright 2007, Market Wire, All rights reserved. -0-

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Antigua & Barbuda Go Live with Island Wi-Fi from A.C.T. and Tropos Networks

ST. JOHN'S, Antigua & Barbuda--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Caribbean Island of Antigua & Barbuda is now live with an island Wi-Fi network service provided by the Antigua Computer Technology (A.C.T.) using Tropos® Networks’ MetroMesh™ Wi-Fi network solution. The wireless network, currently servicing more than 40% of the total population, is also being used to introduce computer-based curriculum and technology into the public schools through Mobile Computer classrooms and Fixed Internet Centers that have access to the network.

The Antigua Computer Technology Co. Ltd (A.C.T.), locally owned and based in Antigua and Barbuda, is the largest Wi-Fi Internet Service Provider in the Eastern Caribbean. According to A.C.T.’s Managing Director Mr. Salomon Doumith, “There is a lot more we at A.C.T. have to offer to the public but it is the demand for mobilization and instant access to the Internet which has led us to the full scale deployment of a Wi-Fi network.”

For the public schools, three Mobile Center classrooms are already up and running and 18 fixed Internet Centers are expected to be completed in 2007. In 2008, plans are for a total of 7,798 students to have access to A.C.T.’s Wi-Fi network. This includes 14 primary schools, with 2,796 students, and nine secondary schools, with 5,002 students. Each of the Mobile Centers is equipped with one of Tropos’ Mobile MetroMesh routers for a wireless Internet connection, 17 mobile touch PC’s, a GPS for up-to-date location of the Mobile Center, and a video phone for local communications and video conferencing.

“This is a perfect way to reach out to the public; the technology used here on our network could not have worked better. When A.C.T. began this venture, it seemed impossible to most people at the time. That is, until we made the Wi-Fi mesh network available to the public,” said Mr. Shervin Bruno, Broadcast Engineer (A.C.T).

The wireless network is available to residents and local businesses on a monthly subscription basis starting at US $50/month.

According to Andrea Joseph, Network Administrative Assistant at A.C.T, “The redundancy of the mesh network and readily available backup battery power makes it ideal for providing reliable service to schools, government and corporate institutions where uninterrupted service is crucial.”

“Although we are still a ways from reaching the coverage area mapped out for the island, the responses that we have received thus far indicate that we are pioneering economic growth and satisfying the pent up demand and needs of our citizens,” said Mr. Eustace Phillip, Telecom Manager (A.C.T.).

The network is the latest project of the “CONNECT ANTIGUA & BARBUDA INITIATIVE” introduced by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda and spearheaded by the minister of Information, Broadcasting and Telecommunications, the Honorable Dr. Edmond A. Mansoor. The program is designed to upgrade the intellectual capital of the Nation and build an open and pluralistic society – one in which all citizens and residents have access to information and knowledge.

“The selection of the Tropos MetroMesh system to enable fixed and mobile network access supporting the education and economic initiatives for Antigua and Barbuda is gratifying,” said Denise Barton, director of marketing for Tropos Networks. “We look forward to continuing to work with the local government and A.C.T. as they expand the network and introduce additional applications which enrich the lives of citizens in Antigua & Barbuda.”

About Tropos Networks, Inc.

Tropos® Networks is the market leader in delivering metro-scale wireless mesh network systems. The company’s systems have been selected to unwire more major league cities than all competitors combined and are installed in 30 countries. The patented Tropos MetroMesh™ architecture delivers the ultimate scalability, high capacity at low cost and great user experience demanded by service providers, municipalities and network users. Tropos Networks’ unique expertise includes high-performance mesh software development, mesh RF engineering, metro-scale network planning, deployment and optimization, and navigating the municipal approval process. Tropos Networks is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. For more information, please visit, call 408-331-6800 or write to

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Cable & Wireless (Cayman) offers $100,000 in prizes

CaymanNetNews is reporting:

This season Cable & Wireless starts the giving early with the most spectacular Christmas promotion ever offered by the company. Over $100,000 in prizes will be awarded, ranging from water bottles and t-shirts to Nintendo Wiis, iPod nanos, bmobile handsets and airtime, to the Grand Prize offerings of $2000 Cayman Airways flight vouchers, $2000 cash, and a 42-inch plasma TV.

Every Cable & Wireless customer who purchases any of the Christmas offers at one of the company’s retail stores will receive a scratch card. Every scratch card reveals an instant prize.

Customers who receive a scratch card will also be eligible for entry into the Grand Prize Draw and will be given a separate entry form.

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