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Antigua & Barbuda Restaurant & Dining Reviews

Chez Pascal 05/25/2006
Reviewers Rating: Fair
After reading many positive reviews of Chez Pascal, we left our all-inclusive resort to visit this highly acclaimed restaurant. Big Mistake!!! Never in our lives have we ever been treated so poorly at ANY restaurant! Our waitress misinformed us as to the sauces that were to accompany each of our entrees. When we asked the owner Florence, to bring us butter for my lobster, all $&*(@ broke loose. We told her that we had some problems with our service, and rather than her asking what she could do to fix the situation, she started screaming at us in the restaurant and stormed off to the kitchen, where she and the cook Pascal started yelling and cursing us. He came to our table and began yelling at us. We tried to explain that we simply wished for them to "make things right", he blatantly told us he could care less that we were unhappy. He yelled that he is on Fodor's list of recommended restaurants and he could care less if we weren't happy. He continued to bash the food at the resort where we were staying -Galley Bay (where, by the way, our food and service were impeccable!) - and told us maybe we should have just stayed there to eat. We were so upset with the entire situation that we could not even eat our meals (nor did we wish to stay there any longer), so we asked for our bill. Any restaurant of this "caliber" in the US would have comped the meals. Chez Pascal billed us for the entire meal. And to add insult to injury - because Antigua charges a mandatory 10% service fee - we were forced to tip them for this unbelievable service. What could have been a very nice meal, with good food, turned out to be a disaster due to the attitude of the owners of this restaurant. It was a toss-up when we selected this restaurant over our other choice - Le Bistro but we chose this one due to the closer proximity to our resort.
(Review edited by Caribbean-On-Line staff)

Jennifer K

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