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Restaurant Reviews: Anguilla
straw hat 08/31/01
Reviewers Rating: Excellent
i just got back from the island for the first time, and all i can say is WOW!food, food, and more food.not to mention the beaches and the sun. i'm going to try and recap all of them. however, i i do miss somone please forgive me. first things first, you have to go to anguilla with the notion of money out of your head. Star hat, the tuna app. was to die for. i could have had it for a main dish. the swordfish top it off, and that was outstanding as well. the views and the whole atmosphere is great. pimms at cp. request a table by the water. food was great. i think i may have like the apps at straw hat but the tenderloin was fabulous. service was outstanding. olivers, freindly place with a great location. felt like it was on a different scalr then pimms. but a comfortable feel. service was great . and the food was good. blanchards, i had reservation at this place for four months. the most pricy we ate at. apps, ok. the prawns were great. a bit on the spicy side but mouth watering. must get the coconut for desert. also a wine list that is endless. altamer, just opened 3 days before we ate there. chef maurice leduc is a stich! food was good everything abouyt altamer is quality. right down to the dish skirts. however, i did not care to drink my pellergrino from a metal glass. it destorts the flavor. i would like to list a few honorable mentions for lunch. these are a must. lunch at cuisinart, silliy cay. locate jr. of jr glass bottom boat he'll get you there. and last but deffenatly not least gee wees. a great local place for bread, bakery items, breakfast sand., and lunch rocks the house. dinner ran between 130-250 for two people, bottle of wine, and three courses. lunch at cuisinart is pricy and at silliy cay but well worth it. gee wees is more down home cooking. but before i do sign off i would like to mention ripples the first meal i ate on the island. bar/ rest. atmosphere, fun, and exciting. the service was great. and the lobster pasta, oh my god. i didn't want it to end. thanks for listening. and feel free to email me if you have any further questions or need some advice. marc


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