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Anguilla Restaurant & Dining Reviews Reviews
Covecastles 05/10/2004
Reviewers Rating: Excellent
First let me say that there are probably not many people who are as fussy as I am about quality, service, taste and presentation. I was married to a chef and was a restaurant manager in NYC as well as a 4-star, 4-diamond property
in Stowe VT.
Covecastles Restaurant, April 04
This place is so tucked away - you'd never know it was there. In order to get into Covecastles restaurant - you'd have to stop at the front office and they will
then let you in the gate and a server will greet you outside the door. They have to do this - or you would never find the place!
It is one of the few non-smoking establishments on the Island. We smoke, so we told Patricia, our server, that we'd be going outside between courses. She made sure the timing was perfect and we never came in to find food on the table getting cold.
The service is a bit formal and slightly stiff but very professional. They seem to have
a perception at many fine dining establishments on Anguilla that they are not supposed to be "overly friendly". Many are trained to be cordial but reserved.
The room is too brightly lit for our taste and could be dimmed for a more romantic feel. The rattan tables and the settings are beautiful! You can see the chef at work through a little window behind you. The chef is very open to questions and we did stand
there and watch some of the food prep which was fascinating. He is quite an artist.
There can be quite a breeze coming in as they keep the doors open to the beachfront. They will close them if you are uncomfortable. You can't see the beach but the foliage is lit and pretty. It is a small room -- maybe about 12 tables. They start you off with excellent bread and French Butter. A really a great touch.. Very sweet and better than the French butter I get at Trader Joe's here in the States...
I had the Pumpkin soup with Orange zest. It was spiced with Herbs de Provence which made it odd tasting to me. It was a bit bitter and I did send it back. Personally I think sage would have been a better spice. Anyway - they overdo the Herbs de Provence as a garnish on the outside rim of the dishes as decoration. It doesn't make the plate more attractive. In this area they could be more creative.
Randy had the Crayfish Spring Rolls. Probably the best I've ever tasted! I was hesitant to try the Caribbean lobster "grilled" so I asked for it steamed which they did for me. The texture is so different from Maine Lobster.....
More crab like and it is chewy but sweet and delicious. The Rice Pilaf that came with it was a little dry and bland. Randy had the rack of lamb which was perfection.
Desserts here are a huge treat! The "Icy Mushroom" is a meringue shaped like a mushroom with a chocolate sauce and a sweet cream sauce and it is totally outrageously melt in your mouth wonderful.
Randy had the raspberry with meringue dessert smothered in whipped cream... Also wonderful.
Monday at Covecastles, is when I tasted the best dish I had on the
island during our stay. Crayfish Ravioli with a Bisque sauce. What can I say.... Homemade ravioli generously stuffed with juicy crawfish in a rich bisque that just shocked my oral senses! I slowed down and savored every single bite. I was in heaven!
Outstanding and on my list of one of the best things I've ever tasted in my life!
I had the grilled lobster medallions with Lemongrass risotto. Lobster was perfect but the little round of risotto was a bit bland and dry. It is my opinion that Risotto should be creamy and it just wasn't. Randy and I both agreed I make better risotto than theirs. Randy had the Vegetable Lasagna. Light, delicate and delicious. We did have to send it back to heat it up a little but other than that - perfect.
Thursday at Covecastle.... I had the escargot in a potato shell. Garlicky and rich and succulent....delicious!
The entree was a great surprise! I bravely ordered something that was very unusual. I did what I often do in a restaurant.. Pick two things and ask the server to have the chef choose. He picked the shrimp in cream sauce with homemade sauerkraut. (Shrimp Cassoulet) Ahhh.... What a great dish!
Apparently the great flavor of the sauerkraut was due to very finely shredded European cabbage and
juniper berries.. Not anything like the sauerkraut I'm used to. I highly recommend this dish. It was not too sour, full of flavor and the sauerkraut was a great foil for the rich cream sauce. Randy had the Spaghetti with Basil Cream and cippoline onions. Sprinkled on the dish was crispy fried basil. Very nice.
Overall, I was very pleased with Covecastles cuisine. It is my number one pick out of all our dining experiences in Anquilla.


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