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Anguilla Restaurant & Dining Reviews

Mediterraneo at Cuisinart Resort 05/12/2009
Reviewers Rating: Excellent
Had lunch at Mediterraneo, the poolside restaurant at Cuisinart Resort. I wasn't a guest, as they do welcome anyone there. Simply wonderful. Asked for a table outside, shaded by an umbrella, that offered a view of the gorgeous pool(s) and the ocean beyond. It felt serene to be just sitting there. Service was lovely and very attentive. Had the garden salad and a swordfish panini. All of it was perfect. The one thing I will rave about are the Tomatoes! I have never had such a tomato. They have a hydroponic and organic garden there, and did it ever produce one of the best salads ever. The panini was excellent, but I kept ignoring it for the salad. The entire property is gardens, everywhere, so be sure and take a nice walk before or after a lunch there. I've heard they offer full tours on Fridays midday range.
If I try a dinner there, I'll be sure to post about it, but if lunch is any indication, I'm sure it would be wonderful.
I found the prices reasonable for what you get: my bill was $25 for the salad, panini and non-alcholic drinks. Worth it for me. Go and Enjoy.


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