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Aruba Restaurant & Dining Reviews Reviews
Papiamento's 06/16/2005
Reviewers Rating: Excellent
I recently visited Aruba and had the pleasure of eating at some wonderful establishments like Madam Janette's and El Gaucho. I am happy we did not eat at Papiamento's first because any other restaurant would have paled compared to them. As a matter of fact, I would be very surprised to find any place like it even here in the States.
When we turned down the street where Papiamento's was located, we thought maybe we had lost our way. It seemed to be smack in the middle of a neighborhood and you park along a wall or along the street. I remember a dog was roaming around and barking and me and my companions wondered what we were in store for since none of us had been there before. It did not look like anything from the street.
Once we stepped through the threshold however, you really felt that you had entered another world. The ferns, trees, and lovely white lights are beautiful and sort of takes you by surprise. As you are led to your table, you can't help but admire the beautiful lighting and lovely pool that sits in the middle of the outdoor area. As you stroll through the Aruban manor admiring the charming antique furniture, draperies and even a couple of dolls in their carriage, you feel like you have entered the home of a friend and have been transported back in time.
After taking in the gorgeous ambiance and touring the manor, you begin to approach the idea of dining rather skeptically. Could the food and service be as wonderful as our surroundings?
You bet. The waitstaff were extremely professional and attentive. The food was excellent and priced reasonably. A speciality of Papiamento's are the dishes they serve on a large hot stone. My friend had the "Neptune" that consisted of lobster, shrimp, etc. It was great. At the table, we also had the grouper cooked to perfection and the chicken pasta meal made with a delicious tomato sauce and gorgonzola cheese.The menu is adequately diverse and should satisfy everyone's likes.
Dining at Papiamento's was a great experience and no one should visit Aruba without enjoying this lovely place.

Peggy Wagner

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