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Dominica: Hotels, Resorts & Guest Houses
The Hibiscus Valley Inn is a Swedish owned guesthouse with three bungalows in Dominican country style. With two rooms and verandah in each, they are situated in a beautiful and calm area close to a river and the rainforest. Hibiscus Valley Inn, tries as hard as possible to take advantage of what nature offers without encroaching on comfort. Visit their great Web site for more photos, rate information and details.
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To locate hotels on our maps, look for this symbol Hotels and Resorts in the maps' referenced grids. (The area code for all phone numbers is 767.)

All locations are for the Dominica Map unless otherwise noted.

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  1. Anchorage Hotel, Castle Comfort (J-4) ...448-2638
  2. Beau Rive, Castle Bruce (F-6) ...445-8992
  3. Bon Marché, Roseau (Roseau Map F-2) ...448-2083/4194
  4. Casaropa Hotel, Portsmouth (Portsmouth Map C-3) ...445-8888
  5. Castaways Beach Hotel, Mero (F-2) ...449-6244/5
  6. Castle Comfort Guest House, Castle Comfort (J-4) ...448-2188
  7. Chez Ophelia, Copthall (I-4) ...448-3438/3061
  8. C&H Towers, Roseau (Roseau Map F-2) ...448-1563
  9. Coconut Beach Hotel, Picard (Portsmouth Map F-3) ...445-5393
  10. Continental Inn, Roseau (Roseau Map E-3) ...448-2214
  11. Evergreen Hotel, Castle Comfort (J-4) ...448-3288
  12. Exotica, Gommier (J-4) ...448-8839
  13. Falls View Guest House, Trafalgar (I-5) ...448-0064
  14. Floral Gardens Hotel, Concord (D-5) ...445-7636
  15. Fort Young Hotel, Roseau (Roseau Map G-3) ...448-5000
  16. The Garraway Hotel, Roseau (Roseau Map G-2) ...449-8800
  17. Herche's Place Hotel, Scott's Head (L-4) ...448-7749
  18. Hibiscus Valley Inn, Marigot (D-6) ...445-8195
  19. Hummingbird Inn, Morne Daniel (I-3) ...449-1042
  20. Itassi Cottages, Morne Bruce (Roseau Map F-6) ...448-43119
  21. Kent Anthony Guest House, Roseau (Roseau Map F-2) ...448-2730
  22. Lauro Club Hotel, Salisbury (F-2) ...449-6602
  23. Layou River Hotel, Clark Hall (G-3) ...449-6281/96081
  24. Layou Valley Plaza, Layou Valley (G-4) ...449-6895
  25. Ma Bass Central, Roseau (Roseau Map F-3) ...448-2999
  26. Morning Bird, Mero (F-2) ...449-7401
  27. Papillote Wilderness Rtrt, Trafalgar Falls Road (I-4) ...448-2287
  28. Picard Beach Rsrt, Prince Rupert's Bay (Ports. Map E/F-3) ...445-5131
  29. Pointe Baptiste, Calibishie (B-4) ...445-7322
  30. Pointsettia Hotel, St. Aromet, Good Will (I-4) ...449-9428
  31. Portsmouth Beach, Prince Rupert's Bay (Ports. Map F-3) ...445-5142
  32. Rainbow Cottages, Cochrane (H-4) ...449-0530
  33. Red Rock Haven, Calibishie (B-5) ...445-8714
  34. Reigate Hall Hotel, Reigate (I-4) ...448-4031/3
  35. Roseau Valley Hotel, Copt Hall (I-4) ...449-8176
  36. Roxy's Mountain Lodge, Laudat (H-5) ...448-4845
  37. Seaworld Guest House, Castle Comfort (J-3) ...448-5068
  38. Springfield Guest House, Springfield (H-4) ...449-1401
  39. Sunset Bay Club, Coulibistrie (E-2) ...445-6522
  40. Sutton Place Hotel, Roseau (Roseau Map F-2) ...449-8700
  41. Symes Zee Villa, Byack (I-4) ...448-3337
  42. Vena's Guest House, Roseau (Roseau Map E-3) ...448-3286
  43. Vena's Paradise Hotel, Pond Casse (G-5) ...449-2001/83286
  44. Verandah View, Calibishie (B-4) ...445-8900
  45. Wesleeann Luxury Hotel, Canefield (H-3) ...449-0419
  46. White River Wilderness Resort & Spa, Delices (J-7) ...446-1789
  47. Zandoli Inn, Stowe Estate (K-6) ...446-3161

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