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Haiti Update: The island nation of Haiti (part of Hispaniola) was decimated by a major earthquake in early Janauary 2010 centered near its political and population center of Port au Prince. We will be posting maps here, as well as news of the earthquake and relief efforts. If you would like to contribute financially to the relief efforts, Caribbean-On-Line suggests the following international agencies:
Doctors Without Borders
Red Cross International
United Way Worldwide Disaster Fund
You can find more Haiti news from the NY Times links in the column to your left.

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Haiti Earthquake News

Ushahidi web page for Haiti earthquake support. This is a great resource for news and the relief effort - if you don't know Ushahidi there is more about them here.

Also see the Ushahidi "situtation room" for Haiti.

Relief Map of Haiti


Satellite Map of Haiti

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Map of Haiti

Map of HaitiHaiti by IGN

This is a large, folded, one sided map. It is coated paper but not laminated or tyvek. Opened it measures approximately 42 x 32 inches. This is a country map that appears to have been made from a satellite shot of the region. Small towns are not well represented on this map (there is no street level detail) but the highways are marked and the legend is very detailed.

Caribbean Map

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