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Antigua & Barbuda Hotel, Resort & Villa Reviews
Royal Antiguan 06/18/2003
Reviewers Rating: Great
We stayed at the Royal Antiguan from the 28th of May to the 11th June 2003.
We were in a party of 12 on all inclusive basis and I have to say we had a very good time.

I, like others was concerned about some of the comments I read on this and other sites regarding the Royal Antiguan, but I can assure anyone about to go that provided you don't set your expectations too high you will have a good time. This is a 3 star hotel so don't expect 5 star service or entertainment and you will soon start to relax to the much laid back Antiguan way of doing things.

When I was checking out these sites for any information on the Royal Antiguan a few of the basics I was looking for were as follows and I hope they help anyone about to go:

There are 3, one called the lagoon where you eat breakfast buffet style with everything from fresh fruit to full english. You can also have your evening meal here which again is a buffet style but the 'theme' changes each time. The manager was very helpful in trying to sit our party of 12 as close together as possible.

Another is the Andes which is on the beach front and open for lunch everyday and some evenings. This is waitress service. This is beautiful place to sit and enjoy a leisurely lunch and I mean leisurely as on more than one occasion it took an hour from the point at which the waitress took our order to when it actually reached us! The restaurant sits of stilts out across the beach and over the waters edge and is a loverly setting to eat while looking out to sea. Look out for "Charlie" the Barracuda who comes in close to the waters edge at night, but don't worry as he never appears during the day.

The third is Barringtons which is the up-market dining experience at which you are allowed to eat twice a week under your all inclusive basis. Another posting said it was difficult to eat here without going over your allocated $30 dollar limit, well all I can say is that we ate there 4 times during our 2 week stay and did not get charged extra!

If you would rather just stay on the beach there is a beach bar that serves burgers, hot dogs etc as well as drinks and is open all day.

Not what you would call the best in the world. One night a steel band (very good) another night a keyboard and sax combo (good), 'Oldies night' this just consisted of one guy sat with a sound system playing old records! And last but not least a Karaoke.

If you want to book any trips I would advise not going through the hotel as it is cheaper to book them through the sales guys that come up to you on the beach. The guy we used was called 'Tony' and you can't miss him, he has the loudest voice and laugh on the beach and everybody knows him, he's a good guy and he works in conjunction with 'Joseph' who is a softly spoken and always wore a straw hat and dark glasses.

We went on the Treasure Island Tours which I really can recommend as a good day out on a catamaran. Lots to drink, lunch with a steel band playing and even a game of cricket on a deserted lovely beach.

We also went on one of the Jeep safaris but unfortunately our driver was brought in due to them being busy so he did not give us all the interesting information that the other jeep in our party was told but that aside it was worth doing and included a stop for lunch and a beach for a swim. Just one tip, make sure you book the jeep tours that have the air conditioned jeeps

If I had one moan it would be that some of the bar staff made you feel as if you were being a nuisance when ordering a large round of drinks (we were all inclusive with a party of 12) but don't let that put you off as we also had a good laugh with some of the other bar staff!

There is so much information I could also put down but it would take for ever but if you have any questions in particular please feel free to email me and I will do my best to answer them for you.


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