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Grand Pineapple Beach - All Inclusive 02/06/2006
Reviewers Rating: Good
Well, I gave this much thought and wondered if I should say much more than it was ok. The weather was less than perfect, but it wasn't snow, so we made due with what we got. The day we arrived, Jan. 22nd, the winds were high as was the surf. I wasn't prepared for this at all. They eventually died down for a a few days and then picked back up Friday night. Saturday it rained off and on all day and there was no sun to be found. The winds were high again and it made it difficult to do much of anything.
The winds howled through the cracks in the windows of our room and took some getting used to. The rooms themselves were spotless and had a tropical charm to them. The windows were ill fitted and the screens tended to blow out or fall out on their own. I was thankful there didn't seem to be any mossies to speak of while we were there, otherwise we would have been bitten to death! It was a bit muggy at times and the a/c couldn't compete with the wind blowing in around the windows. We managed ok, made adjustments to our clothing and sleeping attire to cope with this fact. The location of the room was awesome though. We had a waterside room. The view was beautiful and we enjoyed that every day, sun, rain or wind, it was impressive.
We enjoyed the breakfast buffet the most during our visit. The omelette lady, Joanne, made fabulous omelettes and we enjoyed them the most. Lunch was not bad, but I tended to go to the snack bar near the pool for lunch after 2 days of the lunch buffet choices.
Dinner, well that was our worst meal and it was difficult to find anything on the a-la-carte menu that we wanted to eat. When we did find something, it was either cold or took so long to get it that it we were past the point of being hungry. I am not sure why they do only a-la-carte for dinners most nights and I plan on making a suggestion to go to a buffet-style dinner option for those that can't find anything worth eating or waiting for on the a-la-carte menu. It was so bad, that by Friday I was fed up and talked to the food and beverage manager along with the hotel manager about the problems. They attempted to make up for the poor dinners on Sat. which is the night we were able to reserve our dinner at the Pineapple Grill. We were given the "upgraded" menu and told to have whatever we want. We actually did have a great time that night and told the manager the next morning.
The problems seem to arise from the resort overbooking and not being prepared for this fact. Also, the manager told me that they had a flu going around the island and some of his wait staff were sick with it. I knew service could be slower and things a bit more laid back, but the problems went beyond that and with the amount of money you pay, the overall outcome didn't meet what was paid.
The other thing I was disappointed in, was there was really not much to do on or near the resort. The tiny gift shop closed at 5pm, which meant the access to the internet was limited. The Saturday before we left was a miserable wet and chilly day. There were no activities planned to help pass the day and I think they need to look at having more things to do on the resort.
Overall it wasn't the vacation I had in mind. No one had control over the weather of course, but the overall experience at the resort was not stellar and that was something that could have been controlled and managed better. Most of the staff were pleasant and helpful and they made up for those that seemed a bit sullen. We heard similar complaints from others while staying there, so we were not alone in our disappointment.
I am sure there are many that have had an awesome time at the resort and this is in no way to say they are wrong. It was just not what I was expecting and it didn't live up to those expectations due to many factors. I wouldn't go back, but wouldn't tell people not to go because everyone is different.
Overall what made me give a 2 star rather than 1, was the ocean and the view from our room. The food issues are on the level of a 1 at best.


3 stars Grand Pineapple Beach by Occidental

Grand Pineapple Beach by Occidental
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  • A tropical paradise set amidst lush gardens overlooking the beautiful turquoise waters of Long Bay
  • Offers an abundance of exciting activities including snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, tennis, golf, electronic casino, and much more
  • All-inclusive rate provides room, meals and snacks, unlimited beverages, entertainment, and other amenities

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