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Hotel Reviews: Barbados
Kings Beach Hotel 10/3/00
Reviewers Rating: Excellent
The Kings Beach Hotel is one of the most charming, beautiful resorts I have stayed in during my visits to the Caribbean.

Situated in a prime location on the Platinum Coast of Barbados, just a short walk from the fabulous Mullins Bay, the Kings Beach Hotel provided everything the relaxing tourist required.

The service was excellent - rooms were cleaned daily, and kept immaculate throughout. Bar and restaurant staff were kind, courteous, but most of all, the management allowed the staff to display their own wonderful personalities.

For those of you who visit the Caribbean regularly, this may mean something to you - in all the resorts I have visited I have found that staff are regimentally trained to provide good service with impeccable manners, but display little of themselves, their character, in the way in which they serve you - for all the "you're welcomes" and "no problems", there are times when you feel the service in the Caribbean is sometimes too rehearsed, too polite, and dare I say, a touch impersonal.

All the staff at the Kings Beach were well versed in the art of providing wonderful service, but they did it with a sparkle in their eye, and a personal touch I have not seen in any other resort. You knew exactly who had served you as each member of staff was an individual, which their own little ways, greetings, etc, which allowed the whole stay to have a more personal touch - this is one of the few hotels where I felt 'at home' within days!

The staff's special attention provided a wonderful breath of fresh air to the holiday, which will make my memories of the Kings Beach special for many year's to come.

So, apart from the wonderfully attentive staff, why should you visit the Kings Beach ......... well, it's got to be location, location, location - it's situated on a magnificent white sand beach on the West Coast, with softly lapping waves, safe swimming, and good snorkeling. Easy walk along the beach to beautiful Mullins Bay (and Mullins Beach Bar), but not only that, but you can stroll unhindered and quite safely, for a good few miles along the West Coast, enjoying the endless golden sands, clear blue sea, and swaying palms, awaiting the magnificent sunsets, and the ubiquitous 'Green Flash' at sundown.

Of all the hotels I've stayed at in Barbados, the Kings Beach is one of the best!


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