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Hotel & Resort Reviews: Barbados
Coconut Court Hotel 06/09/02
Reviewers Rating: Great
I stayed at the Coconut Court for two weeks and the rooms were okay (furnished with refridgerator and toaster oven). After one week I changed the room though because nearly each evening there was live-musik at the swimming pool and the stage was right in front of my room. The music was so loud that several evenings my whole room was vibrating. But when I asked I could change the room without any problems. For who hears the music down at the pool, this should not be a problem though.

The first night, the mosquitos nearly ate me, so bring anti-moscito spray or ask at the reception desk for an electronic anti-moscito device. Otherwise you will look like you have measles (I saw several other persons with as much bites as I had).

The beach is nice, you find shadow under the palm tress. With low tide the water has an emerald colour which is really great. The hotel offers interesting nature walks and an marine education programm. Participate, it's worth it!

The staff of the Cocnut Court is very kind and when I had problems they always helped me out. When I broke my toe at the beach they helped me as much as they could and even made me a little present because the accident happened during the nature walk (was my own fault though). That was more than would have been necessary and I appreciated it very much.

If I go back to Barbados I will definitely go back to the Coconut Court.


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