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Hotel & Resort Reviews: Barbados
Crystal Cove 01/01/03
Reviewers Rating: Fair
You will love this hotel if you have children as there are plenty for them to do. You will hate it if you are looking for a quiet holiday. Maybe because we were there at the height of the season (Xmas 2002), the place felt over crowded, with noisy children everywhere. We did not have one moment of peace.

This hotel opened in 1994. I'm sure then, with everything sparkling new, it would have been breathtaking. For us, the place felt tired. The furnishings looked tired. The staff seemed tired, anytime we asked for anything, they give you a look like - Do you really need that?? Every request was too much work for them. I must be honest, not all the staff were like that. However, the members of staff who seemed to know the meaning of service were few and far between.

When we arrived, our shower wasn't working. Though that did get fixed quite quickly. The Cave Bar that is so famous was dark and dingy, and smelt of stale alcohol. The place lacked a proper lounge and bar where you can go and have a quiet drink. The main restaurant has the air of a cafe with tablecloths. The service was the same to match. This is the same restaurant used for breakfast and lunch. It is definitely not fine dining as it is advertised on the websites.

We might consider returning out of season, when all the kids and at school. Or we'll definitely make sure we have at least 3 squabbling kids with us, to really get our money's worth.

Crystal Cove owners/managers. If you are reading this - the place is in desperate need of a refurb and the staff needs more training. But I've said all this to you in my comment card.

Diep Rogers

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