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Barbados Hotel, Resort & Villa Reviews
Tropical Escape 05/06/2003
Reviewers Rating: Fair
My husband has already written a review on this "establishment", however I strongly felt that I needed to not only share my two pennies worth but also to enhance our overwhelming dissapointment with this hotel.
I had saved and planned for this holiday for a number of months and I am hugely saddened by the lack of value for money that i recieved.
Let me first guide you through the good points of our stay at the Tropical Escape. The building was clean and maintained and the housekeeping staff cleaned your room daily. That may be about it.
You didn't recieve a high level of choice with regards to the food and it always seemed to be reheated from the night before or just thrown together with no thought or passion for flair. It was at this point that i realised, you do get what you pay for. The staff seemed to have the attitude that everything was too much trouble and some of the female waiting staff "sucked" their teeth at you and clearly did not wish to help you along with your meal. I work within the hotel and catering trade and I have never come across such blatant disregard for customer attention. I felt as though I was too much bother even when I wnet to the bar for a drink, where the bar, staff generally listened to what they wanted to listen to(often cricket) - which was once again not about the customer. We were without water for three day's and could not flush the toilet, have a shower or brush our teeth. Unsanitary to say the least. Although I must admit that the manager of the hotel did call out a fire brigade to fill some roof top tanks-the guests were not informed of what was happening until after the fact. I have come home needing another holiday. Barbados's beaches were very nice, we spent a lot of time on them, some of the resturants were lovely - the Coach House nearby and Tides. I will not be returning to Barabados, this resort has left a bad taste in my mouth.

Natasha Egan-Ronayne

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