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Curacao Hotel, Resort & Villa Reviews Reviews
Breezes Curacao All-Inclusive 04/15/2004
Reviewers Rating: Great
Let me first start out by saying the only reason I rated Breezes with only 3 Stars is because of the week that we went. It was 4/4/2004 - 4/11/2004 - Easter Vacation.
There were 5 couples that went together and not one of the couples have children so we are not used to having that much craziness in our lives outside of work. We went on this vacation to get a little rest and enjoy each other not to watch other guests children in the pools, on the beach, or in the disco.
Now, for those of you with children, this would be a GREAT place for you to go if you want to take your children away & not have to worry about them all week! It is a very safe resort. There are security guards walking up & down the beach all day, and at night they are still there - with guard dogs. But even though they are there, they don't walk around with guns or anything to make you feel like something could happen --like at some of the other islands. It is a very wealthy island and the locals there are very nice. The only time you will see them is if you take a tour or go into town for shopping. Which is the only place to buy anything. I do suggest though, If you are a parent Please wach your children, because I don't know how it happens, but We did witness (on more than one occasion), teenagers no more than sixteen years old at one o'clock in the morning not being able to walk and vomiting all over the place because they were drinking in the disco all night -- just beware of that!
Now, if you are going there, A few helpful hints...
Take water shoes! The first 4-5 feet along the shore is coral so it is very hard to "gracefully" walk into the water. But, once you get in... It is wonderful! The water is warm but refreshing! Also, take insulated mugs or cups. The bartenders will be more than happy to fill them to the rim with any fruity, frozen drink or any beverage of your choice. It gets very hot down there (after all, it is the most southern of the caribbean islands), and the last thing you want to do is keep going up to the bar every 10 minutes for a new drink. And the only bar stools you will find is in the pool bar - there are only about 10 stools in there. And the last helpful hint... Be aggressive at the bar. You can spend up to 20 minutes waiting for a drink or you can just walk up & the next person that the bartender looks at will get a drink - they don't care.
Now some reviews will tell you about tipping, so I will do the same. In general, everyone in my group are very big tippers. We spent the first 3 days tipping the bartenders & making friends with them so that when tey saw us, they would give us better, faster service. After that, we realized that does not matter to them. They get paid for their time from the resort and are not suppose to take tips. Over the first 3 days, we must have given at least U.S.$50.00 on tips and they still didn't care who we were. I do recommend finding Norma and Roland. They were the only 2 barenders that were friendly to everone - every time. So, don't waste your cash on tipping for they may get in trouble if they are caught accepting it anyway.
Go on the day trips! It is very worth the price for what you get!
Danielle was the tour guide on one of our trips. She has so much energy and we loved her! We were picked up at about 9am. and dropped back at the resort at about 4pm. It is not a wasted day! You get plenty of sun, music, sightseeing & history than you could possible imagine! And at the end of the trip you go to 2 beaches to do some snorelling or you can just lay on the beach. You also get to visit the caves and have the water rush up at your feet (cool pictures).
I really could go on & on about things to do & see.
Please feel free to email me with any questions or even last minute details that you are concerned about.


3 stars Breezes Curacao All Inclusive

Breezes Curacao All Inclusive
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  • This all-inclusive resort, set on the beach, is adjacent to an aquarium and is said to have the largest casino on the island.
  • The resort’s 341 rooms have tropically-inspired décor and offer a terrace, balcony, or patio with varying views.
  • The resort provides something for everyone: three pools, a casino, an aquarium, snorkeling, children’s programs, and even sumo wrestling.
  • This all-inclusive property includes a variety of amenities in the rate; see Room section for details.

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