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Curacao Hotel, Resort & Villa Reviews Reviews
Breezes Curacao All-Inclusive 10/24/2004
Reviewers Rating: Fair
We were at your resort from October 11th through October 18th. During this time, we stayed in rooms 7322 and 2601. We had some major issues with this resort. We should have paid more attention to other reviews because everyone I have read details problems that we encountered. IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU PAY THE EXTRA MONEY TO GO TO A NICER RESORT. I hear the Marriot is a very good one in Curacao.
Upon arrival, we checked into room 7322. We were told that it was a nice oceanfront room as we had requested. When we got to our room we noticed the air conditioning was not working properly. We understand that issues do arise so we contacted the front desk to have it examined. They said they would look into it and fix it for us. Later that day we discovered that in addition to not have air conditioning, we also did not have any hot water. We called the front desk with this issue as well, and were told that we would receive a call back in 15 minutes. We never received a call back.
After dinner, we came back to room expecting to have had the issued taken care of as promised, only to find that nothing had changed and we still could not get an explanation. The next morning, we called the front desk again. They said the same thing that they had the night before as if this were a new issue; that they would look into it for us and fix it. We came back later that night and once again, nothing had changed, and we still had not heard a word back as the front desk had now promised us twice. The next night we were returning to our room, expecting this time not to have anything fixed, as that was the pattern. As we approached the door to our room we saw a rat running in front of our door! At this point I became severely aggravated and once again called the front desk. They said they could change our rooms immediately. However, I demanded that we have a oceanfront room in a quiet location, as we had paid for.
The night manager, Richard, came to show us three rooms. The first room was at the building next door and it too did not have air conditioning nor hot water. The second room was in the "Royal Tower" building and overlooked the trash dumpster and the parking lot next door. The third room was close to what we requested but was set far back from the ocean and did not have a private balcony. When we declined to move to any of those rooms, Richard told us that he would leave a note for the manager and that they would contact us in the morning to discuss our issues. We never heard from a manager.
Since it was quite obvious that we would not get what we paid for and that we would constantly be ignored by Breezes staff we decided to stick out our stay in room 7322. Although the room conditions were very poor, the location was quiet and quaint and the view from the balcony was excellent. We decided it was enough to put up with the failing AC and lack of hot water to receive the other amenities we were promised on our honeymoon.
On Friday, however, we came back to our room to find a note to see the manager at the front desk. When we got to the front desk, the clerk working told us we had to move to another room. We told her we did not want to move but she insisted that we had to and gave us no explanation. We asked to speak with the manager. She said that it wasn't possible. Finally, after badgering her enough she went to speak to the manager. Instead of the manager coming out to meet us face-to-face she got her on the phone for me. The manager informed us that they were finally trying to fix the AC and hot water issues in those buildings and they had to move everyone into a different building. This is when I found out that these issues did not just happen but they started a few months ago (and up until this point they STILL put people in these rooms). We were interested as to why everyone we talked with seemed to act as if this was a brand new issue. The manager explained to me that the new room was an oceanfront room and was a 1 bedroom suite. We decided to check it out due to sheer exhaustion of arguing on our honeymoon.
In our attempt to check the room for our satisfaction, we were unable to find the room. When we asked an employee where the room was, we were told that it did not exist. We eventually did find the room on our own, as no one on staff was available to show us the room. At first we were quite impressed although it still was not the quaint and quiet room we had in 7322. Instead of continuing to bicker with a staff that ignores us anyway, we decided to move. After a day in the room we found it to be less than acceptable. We did have hot water but the due to a broken knob on the thermostat, the air conditioning was no better than in our first room. Only half of the lights worked in the room. The bathroom has two sinks, but only one worked. The lock was very spotty, and the emergency map on the back of the door was for the Holiday Inn which we understand to be over 5 years old. In addition, we could hear the conversations of the guests in the room below us as well as if they were in our own room. Upon discovering these things, we called the front desk to inform them of the problems. Once again we were ignored and we failed to get them to respond to our requests. At this point, we had spent half of our honeymoon arguing with the Breezes staff.
Aside from the rooms being unsatisfactory, we found many other problems with Breezes Curacao:
In both rooms, neither safe worked properly.
The pool bar and beach bar constantly smelled like trash.
The 'adult-only' pool bar and the Jacuzzi were constantly filled with children jumping around and being disruptive.
We found the food at Jimmy's Buffet to be mediocre at best, and were lucky to have a glass of water poured for us while dining there.
Dirty plates were left in the hallways for days with out being removed.
Three out of four slot machines that we tried in the casino were broken.
The newspaper stand in the front lobby was broken.
The air conditioning in the front shop was broken.
We noticed the resort sold 'day passes' to the local citizens. While we recognize this to be very profitable for your resort, it is not acceptable that I, as a hotel guest should be shorted towels, drinks, food, lawn chairs, or a ride on the 'Hobie Cat' because of them. None of these inconveniences were avoided, and we experienced them all during the heavy day pass days. It is our belief that if we are paying thousands of dollars to enjoy such activities, that we should be allowed to do so. We also believe that we certainly should be allowed to so ahead of someone who is staying for a minimal fee, for the day.
The issues we encountered do not stop here. While on the ocean kayak, my wife was harassed by the dozen or so locals that were swimming near the wall that separated the resort from the neighbor on the west end. They swam to her kayak and attempted to turn it over. Security was present but ineffective.
Other than a select few employees, the staff severely lacked a sense of urgency. The day after we moved into 2601 at approximately 2:00PM our room had still not been cleaned. I called to have our room cleaned and they said they would send someone up immediately. I came back at 3:30PM to find the room still had not been cleaned. I called again. At 5:00PM the room has still not been cleaned. I called housekeeping again and explained to her that this was the third time I have called and our room has not been cleaned. The woman on the other end proceeded to yell at me so loudly, that my wife came in from the other room to see what the problem was. The woman insisted that the room had been cleaned and that we said they didn't need to come. It clearly had not been cleaned as the bed was unmade and our dirty towels were lying on the floor. Eventually, that evening our room cleaned, however each night that followed we were shorted more and more things as our room was cleaned. By the end of the week, we did not have any washcloths, or a bath mat. The service at your resort is just one more thing we paid for and did not receive.
Perhaps the most disturbing event that took place was the day that we were leaving. The day that we checked out was a very rainy day. We took the shuttle as provided to the airport at noon. As we were leaving the resort, the shuttle's back door opened over Martin Luther King Dr and our luggage fell out of the back of the vehicle and into the busy street. Our luggage landed in a huge water puddle and was nearly run over by a huge truck, which slammed on his brakes and horn to miss it. We found our suitcase to be scuffed and torn. We filled out a damage claim form and hope to be reimbursed for the damages.
To add insult to injury, when we returned to the resort with our wet torn bags to fill out the claim forms, the bellman who put the luggage in the shuttle was laughing at us.
Despite all of these issues we did manage to have a good time. The food and the service at Pastafari and Munasana (although sometimes referred to as Munahana) were good as well. The weather was unbeatable, the beach was great and the ocean was beautiful. The water sports were excellent. We took the discover scuba class and loved it! Raul, our instructor was fantastic and deserves recognition. He really made us feel comfortable and taught us a lot about Scuba diving. Because of him, we will get certified. However, this is not a surprise to me as he is employed by Ocean Encounters and not Breezes.
We managed to overlook the negative issues and we worked really hard to have a good time. The entire trip we had to remind ourselves to forgot about these problems and have a good time while we were there. However, my wife and I both feel that we paid too much money to have to work really hard at having a good time. A good vacation should be a
great time without having to work for it.


3 stars Breezes Curacao All Inclusive

Breezes Curacao All Inclusive
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  • This all-inclusive resort, set on the beach, is adjacent to an aquarium and is said to have the largest casino on the island.
  • The resort’s 341 rooms have tropically-inspired décor and offer a terrace, balcony, or patio with varying views.
  • The resort provides something for everyone: three pools, a casino, an aquarium, snorkeling, children’s programs, and even sumo wrestling.
  • This all-inclusive property includes a variety of amenities in the rate; see Room section for details.

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