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jamaica   hotel, resort & villa reviews

Sunset Beach Resort 04/29/2003
Reviewers Rating: Great
My wife and I and our 2 children just returned from 6 days at this resort. We very much enjoyed our vacation. The resort was not as upscale as most others that we have been to. The reason I ranked it a 3, was in comparing it to all other resorts we have been to (most of which we paid considerably more for than at this resort). But if I were to rank it only against other comparably priced resorts, this would be a 4. This resort is not a 5 star resort, BUT it is a great deal. What I really liked was that for the prices that they charge, we were able to book 2 connecting rooms, 1 for the kids and 1 for the adults, and this privacy time away from the kids goes along way to making the trip much more enjoyable.We thought the rooms were fine (and in some ways nicer than other caribbean resorts where we have paid more $). With the towers, it is not as aesthetically pleasing as other resorts, but that was ok. We thought the service was generally very good. Loved the Chinese retaurant and thought the Italian was pretty good. We thought the food and selection at the Buffet restaurant was just average. We liked the food/change of pace from the beach bar/restaurant. No they don't have snacks as others have pointed out, but aside for a desire for some ice cream from time to time, there was enough food that we never had a need for snacks. No they don't put a lot of alcohol into the drinks, but they will accomodate anytime that you ask for more. The snorkeling was nice. Sure the beaches were a little rocky, but it wasn't a major inconvenience and you could wear water shoes (which we did at times; particularly when I played ball with the kids).The kids club was a disappointment. But I am not certain whether it was the resort's fault. We were hoping that our kids (8 & 10) would spend more time (couple hours a day) at the club, but they refused because generally all of the kids in the club were under 6. Not certain if that was because of the activities that were offered or if it is just because the older kids do not want to be in a kids club (which I suspect is the case). My wife and I very much enjoyed spending 1-2 hours a days at the au natural beach in the middle of the day when we wanted the kids out of the sun (they would go to the game room; where they loved the free Nintendo games and the pool table). That beach is definitely worth giving it a try if you haven't done so before. The night time entertainment was so-so; sometimes entertaining, sometimes not (not much different than other carribean resorts). All in all we had a nice vacation, and I would certainly recommend this resort if you are looking for an all-inclusive and do not want to pay the $$$$ that a lot of these resorts charge.


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Jamaica & Cayman Islands Map by ITMB $10.95

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