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jamaica   hotel, resort & villa reviews

TeresinaJamaica 05/07/2003
Reviewers Rating: Excellent
Teresina - April 2003

My TeresinaJamaica experience - Ben J Staples, New Zealand.

My first introduction to Teresina, Stanley Gray and Miss Ruth was over the internet having posted a message on lonely planet looking for affordable accommodation within Jamaica.

I would like to take the opportunity to recommend Teresina to anyone considering a relaxed and adventurous trip abroad.

If you are considering Jamaica and want something a little bit different and special then Teresina and St Anns Bay is worth your investigation.

I chose Jamaica as a destination as part of a 9 Mth World trip. I struggled initially to find affordable accommodation and was looking for somewhere authentically Jamaican to stay, I didn't want to be surrounded by fellow tourists / travelers all the time. Let me begin by saying that Teresina delivered both of these things and provided an experience that will remain in my memory for a long time to come.

Teresina is settled in the mountains high above St Anns Bay. St Anns is roughly 2 hours from Kingston, Montego Bay and 10 minutes from Ocho Rios. One of the advantages of being up high is its cool at night and has a light breeze which is significant given the temperatures here. The house is surrounded by a native plants which is full of wild life including birds and insects. Straight away you are struck with the great temperature and stunning setting which is both peaceful and empowering. The house is big, open planned with high ceilings and an outdoor, indoor feel. The architecture coincides the traditional with the modern and a rastick flavour. The rooms are open with a balcony, shower and toilet. You can chose to take simply a room, a room including breakfast and dinner or a room, food & pre-arranged localized tours. This can be arranged with Stanley Gray - you simply need to let him know what you're looking for and there will be some options available for you. I initially arranged to simply take a room however once I got here I enjoyed the food and local tours that were on offer - both of which I enjoyed immensely. Miss Ruth is the cook and the food was of exceptionally high standards, you will experience alot of traditional Jamaican cuisine - fresh and delicious!

Both Stanley and Miss Ruth met me at the airport and we spent the first day looking around Jamaica, enjoying some local foods and then I was taken to a Carnival that night.

Stanley had linked up some accommodation for me in Kingston where I then spent a week before returning to Teresina. Kingston is not for everyone however those that want to experience the different elements that make Jamaica its an experience well worth considering. I had a self contained 1 bedroom flat attached to a local families home, the family were great, the place was secure and there was plenty to keep me occupied.

Returning to Teresina I spent a week taking in some local sights, swimming in some beautiful rivers, sitting on my balcony pondering, eating some great food, meeting some of the local people, enjoying the sun, taking some beautiful walks, enjoying some good conversation and making some swell photo's along the way.

I took local tours to 9 Mile - Bob Marley's birth and final resting place, this is a very special place and well worth visiting, I also took in some of the special things St Ann has to offer. This includes beaches, native forest, swimming holes fed by waterfalls and alot of History, there is also a mystical element to St Ann's however you'll have to come and see that for yourself. The tours are run by local people and therefore informative and delivered with pride. You have the time to look and take things in as the tours work around you at your pace in contrast to my experience of the "packaged tour" - not enough time, over priced and generally run for a profit first customer satisfaction last - The people working with Stanley are passionate about what they have to share which is a welcomed change.

Teresina has been a wonderful place to stay, Stanley Gray and Miss Ruth are great hosts, nothing is a problem.

Thank you for making my trip a little easier by providing a wonderful environment to relax coupled with an authentic Jamaican experience, I look forward to returning some time in the future and glady reccommend your services.

Sussex Estate
St Ann's Bay
972 59 36


Ben J Staples
"Lead, follow....or get out of our way!"

Ben Staples

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Jamaica Map for sale

Jamaica & Cayman Islands Map by ITMB $10.95

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