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jamaica   hotel, resort & villa reviews

Couples Swept Away Negril All-Inclusive 01/30/2005
Reviewers Rating: Good
We stayed at Couples Swept Away January 11-18th. This was our third visit. We won't be returning though.
We booked this trip 8 months in advance, with the request of a second floor atrium. We also told them we were return guests and that we were married there and were celebrating our anniversary. We also told them this upon checking in. I also mentioned again that we wanted a SECOND floor atrium room upon checking in. We were told the room wasn't ready, and were instructed to go get a bite to eat and return later. We did this, but upon our return we were given the keys to an atrium room on the GROUND level. When I informed her that we had requested a second floor when we booked the room 8 months earlier, and again when we arrived, she said they did not have one. I was so upset about this that I forgot at that time to ask about our vouchers for the free 30 minute massage for repeat guests. Eventually though, after talking with her at length, she did produce a second floor room for us. (I went back to the front desk the following day and reminded them we were repeat guests and didn't they have anything they offered repeat guests. She said they offered the 30 minute massage, and gave us the vouchers for this at that time).
The day we dined at Feathers, my husband went over there in person a few hours before our reservation and asked them if they had any kind of anniversary cake (we had been there before on our anniversary and they had a small cake to go with our dinner). They said they would check on this, but it shouldn't be a problem. Three hours later when we arrived at Feathers, my husband mentioned to the hostess that it was our anniversary and that we had been married at Swept Away. He reminded the hostess of the small anniversary cake that was to be brought to our table after our dinner, as a surprise for me. The host indicated that this should not be a problem. However, no cake was ever brought, nor any acknowledgment of our anniversary. Keep in mind we were married at Swept Away! ( I didn't know about all of this until the next day when my husband told me how disappointed he was in Feathers not bringing the cake).
We met another couple who were also repeat guests. If not for them, we would not have known about the repeat guest dinner. We never received an invitation. (This was our third visit to Swept Away). We called the front desk and asked about the invitation to the repeaters dinner. They said they would send one. They never did. We also asked at that time about the other “perks” offered to repeat guests (a bag with coffee, jerk seasoning, t-shirts, etc). We knew about the perks because the other couple we had met that were also repeat guests had told us that they had received these items. The day before we were leaving, (and after another call to the front desk) they did send us the t-shirts and a bag with the coffee and seasoning.
One day when we were laying on the beach, my husband got up to go back up to the room. While passing near the guard station, the guard called him over. He asked my husband if he could go to the bar and get him a couple of drinks! It is a bit unnerving knowing that the guards that are supposed to provide some degree of security, are instead asking guests to bring them alcohol!
Early in the mornings (about 6:30-7am) there is a golf-cart type truck that delivers breakfast trays throughout the resort. Because of the winding walkways, the cart had to back up frequently. When it did this it would make a loud high pitched whistle. This was our morning alarm clock! We never did sleep any later than 6:30 or so because of that beeping noise each morning.
We are normally pretty positive people. I started off this review voicing the negatives, but there were a lot of positives as well. Overall, regarding the negatives, it was never anything big. Just a lot of little stuff that happened that all added up. We didn't let it ruin our vacation though. We still enjoyed ourselves. I think one of the reasons we felt there was not as much attention to the details is because the resort has grown. With the new rooms, there are many more guests. Everyone is just a number...the personal attention we saw on previous visits was sorely lacking this time.
ROOMS: We stayed in an Atrium suite. We loved the hammock on the porch! There was no water pressure at all, but we had experienced this on the previous visit to Swept Away, so accepted it as the way it is. The wooden shutters on the windows were really neat. We kept them open on most nights to allow the cool breeze to come in and to listen to the sounds of nature (tree frogs, etc). The pane glass windows on the french doors leading out to our patio had been varnished. The varnish had never been removed from where it had spilled onto the glass around the panes. The areas on the porch beams that they painted white, were slopped onto adjoining wood that was stained. It would only have taken a few minutes when they varnished the panes on the window to have used a razor blade and scraped the glass removing the varnish from the glass. Just one of the little things that showed that they don't seem to be paying as much attention to detail as they used to.
The resort just added 96 new rooms and I believe they are planning to add another 96. This was as crowded as we have ever seen it at Swept Away. Perhaps this is why the attention to detail just wasn't there. We waited in food lines a lot....we were crowded on the beach.....(the new rooms do not have much of a beach so all those people were down on the beach where the old rooms are).
MEALS: Feathers was excellent. From the fine service, the atmosphere and the food- all 5-star quality. The only complaint with Feathers would be that they lead my husband to believe that they would bring the anniversary cake to the table after the meal and never did this. The other restaurants seemed to serve the same foods over and over. We did only eat at the Thai restaurant one time and it was very good.
We ordered room service each morning for breakfast. You check the time on the card that you want your breakfast delivered. We ordered our breakfast this way 5 out of 7 mornings. It arrived between 10-30 minutes late each morning.
MAIN DINING AREA: There were no bananas, but this was not the fault of Swept Away- the hurricane had destroyed the bananas. The desserts looked and tasted like a Sarah Lee frozen dessert. The exception to this were the cookies and the ice cream. Two great foods we had were the turkey and the Asian beef on a stick....the other food was bland and mediocre in quality.
BEACH: Very crowded. As mentioned earlier, the 96 new rooms had very little beach in front of them, so those folks walked down to the beach in front of the old rooms, which lead to crowding on the beach. The water really is beautiful- greenish-blue and so clear! Even though the beach was crowded there were plenty of chairs to go around.
PIANO BAR: Ultimate (the piano player) was awesome! So talented....he was a very nice gentleman who's kindness and warm personality came from the heart.
We did take a quick tour of one of the new rooms while we were there. The room looked very nice! If we were ever to return, we would stay in one of these rooms.
I realize I did not cover everything in this review, so please feel free to email me if you have any questions.
It is still a very nice place, but with the lack of attention to detail, I wouldn't call it a 5-star resort anymore. The romance/ambiance is still there at Swept Away. That part hasn't changed.
We go to the Caribbean every January, and this next year ('06) we plan to take our three grown children and their spouses. We had planned to take them all to Swept Away. However, after our visit this year, we have changed our minds. We will still be taking them all to the Caribbean, but now we will find another all-inclusive resort.


4 stars Couples Swept Away Negril All Inclusive

Couples Swept Away Negril All Inclusive
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  • Swept Away Negril is located at the western tip of Jamaica on a perfect stretch of pristine seven-mile beach.

  • Whether your passion is working out, dining out or chilling out, you will be totally content in this secluded, tropical hideaway.

  • This all-inclusive resort caters to couples and singles eighteen years and older.

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