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Wilma churns massive waves into Cuba

Published on October 24, 2005 10:30 AM | Comments

From the AP:

HAVANA - Massive waves churned by Hurricane Wilma crashed into Cuba's capital city early Monday, flooding a coastal highway and seeping into nearby neighborhoods of old, crumbling buildings.

The outer bands of Wilma also drenched western Cuba and flooded evacuated communities along the island's southern coast after the hurricane clobbered Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. The extent of damage in Cuba's north was not immediately known.

The ocean penetrated Havana's coastal neighborhoods up to four blocks inland, with floodwaters reaching up to 3 feet in some places. Basement apartments were submerged.

In Cancun, Mexico, troops and federal police on Sunday worked to control looting at stores and shopping centers ripped open by Hurricane Wilma on Saturday, as hunger and frustration surfaced among Mexicans and stranded tourists.

Police shot into the air to scare looters away from a shopping center, and crowds responded by hurling rocks and chucks of concrete. In one downtown block, looters pried open the metal shutters of stores and emptied the entire block, despite knee-high water. They would run away when soldiers arrived, only to head back when they left.

"As soon as the hurricane arrived, the people went robbing," said Eva Bernabe. "It's sad because Cancun is a relaxed place. We're good people. It's not like this normally."

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