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Hurricane Ike Smashes West Through Caribbean

Published on September 8, 2008 7:56 AM | Comments

From the NY Times:

MIAMI -- Hurricane Ike barreled west across central Cuba Monday after raising the death toll and destruction across the already beleaguered islands of the waterlogged Caribbean.

In Haiti, where the fourth-largest city, Gonaïves, remained underwater from Hurricane Gustav, rain fell Sunday and at least 10 more people died of drowning, according to reports from news services. By early Monday the number of people reported killed in Haiti just from the effects of Hurricane Ike reached at least 61, according to news services. The total of those killed in Haiti in the recent storms was in the hundreds.

In Cuba, where relief efforts from Hurricane Gustav were under way in the west, the government evacuated vulnerable communities as the new hurricane bore down on the island with heavy winds and rain that could total 10 inches.

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