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Travel Insurance during Hurricane Season

Published on September 1, 2008 6:26 AM | Comments

I know this is a commercial plug, but it just makes a lot of sense right now. The hurricane season is very hot at the moment - there are two actively named storms, and two serious looking tropical waves/lows making their way across the Atlantic. I know from the comments that many of you are traveling to the Caribbean during the next month or so. September is the height of hurricane season - and it just makes a lot of sense to insure your trip. The prices are reasonable, and the peace of mind (not to mention the financial protection) it affords is unmeasurable. But remember - you have to have your insurance purchased before a system becomes named. With these two large unnamed systems in the Atlantic, that means if you are traveling in the next couple of weeks, the time to buy your travel insurance is NOW! We are not just trying to shamelessly plug this insurance - we really think it is worth it. We do get a commission on sales through this site and we do appreciate your business - it helps to keep the site going. Thanks and good luck if you are traveling in September.

(PS - here is a real testimonial left on one of forums just last week.)

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