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These are our current rates for 2013/14 for Caribbean-On-Line, Bahamas-On-Line, and Mexico-On-Line. All new clients are now billed monthly via a secure on-line system provided by Freshbooks. Payment can be made by credit card, PayPal, eCheck, etc.

For Virgin-Islands-On-Line advertising please visit this page.

Year after year Caribbean-On-Line shows why we are one of the most affordable, highly targeted advertising mediums of choice for Caribbean travel related businesses of all sizes. Our websites (combined) average over 120,000 visits and 600k page views a month (these numbers fluctuate with the season). Below are Google Analytics statistics for just Caribbean-On-Line:
You can see Virgin-Islands-On-Line statistics here.

Demogrpahics for Caribbean-On-Line provided by Quantcast (notice that this is a mature, educated, affluent audience):

Our advertising products
Editorial Listings:
• Hotels, Resorts, Villa Rental Agents $49.95 a month (with a one year commitment - order)

• Private Villas, Charters, Car Rentals, Water sports, Real Estate, Wedding Planners, Golf Courses, Activities, Exursions, etc. $24.95 (with a one year commitment - order)

• Shopping & Dining FREE (order)

Hotels, Resorts & Villa Rental Agencies: $49.95
One editorial listing with an image or logo on your island's Hotel & Resort or Villa Rental page, and a second text link on the main Caribbean-On-Line Hotel & Resort or Villa Rental page. Order now or contact us for more information.
Private Villas, Charters, Car Rentals, Water sports, Real Estate, Wedding Planners, Golf Courses, Activities, etc: $24.95
Our basic package for owners of villas, condominiums or other rental properties, boat charters, car rental agents, and activities (diving, eco-tours, etc.), wedding planners, golf courses and more. You will receive one editorial link with a graphic on the appropriate page for your island and (where available) a second text link on the main Caribbean-On-Line page for that topic. Order now or contact us for more information.
Shopping & Dining: US FREE
The entry level package for shops and restaurants of all kinds. You will receive an editorial listing with an image or logo and a link to your establisment. The order form for this FREE service is here. Subject to editorial approval. For information on how to have your shop or restaurant listed more prominently send us an email.
Link Plan Extras:
If you feel you need more links than what the above plans offer extras links are available (where appropriate - on pages with relevant content), prices vary on your business type and the page you wish to be on.
Site Sponsorships:
For a larger budget or for those seeking greater coverage (more Caribbean wide than island or topic specific), site or topic sponsorships (your fixed logo/ad in the upper left hand or right hand column and additional editorial on appropriate pages) of individual pages, islands, specific topics, or whole websites (Caribbean-On-Line, Virgin-Islands-On-Line, Bahamas-On-Line, Mexico-On-Line) are available. Sponsorships are developed on a case by case basis with the potential sponsor. They can include banners, buttons, editorial, promotions, etc.

Some of our current site/topic sponsors are:

• Bolongo Bay Beach Club, Islands Sponsor - St. Thomas.

•, Topic Sponsor - Villa Rentals - sponsors our villa search form.

Self service/third party advertising
Text/Image Ads:
We serve text and image ads through the Google AdWords program. If you want to appear in those ads, you will need a Google AdWords account. If you need help with this kind of advertising we can assist you on an advisory basis.
Banner Ads:
Interested in placing banners ads on Caribbean-On-Line? We are a member of the Travora Media - a group of websites that allow your campaigns to reach over 30 million travelers a month in the midst of planning their travel or while traveling. For advertising inquiries, please contact Travora Media by visiting their website, and specify to the sales team that you want to be seen on

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