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Contents: General Info | FAQ's | Health & Safety

General Info:
We do not have any more specific information than what is currently on our site. We continually add new pages throughout the year in response to user feedback and industry trends. If you need more information than what you find on our sites, your best bet is to contact the agencies and establishments listed on our pages (our pages provide many phone numbers, addresses, email addresses and links).

If you have other Caribbean travel related questions, we ask that you turn to our Travel Forums. Please use these as your first resource - and don't forget to search the archives - you may find your question has already been asked and answered.

If our forums, the following FAQs, and the newsgroups mentioned below do not help you, you can as a last resort forward questions to the webmaster (see our feedback page). We read all our mail, but we regret to say that general travel questions usually go unaswered due to the sheer volume of requests we receive.

If you have questions relating to business with Caribbean-On-Line please see our Advertising page. Other business inquiries may be sent to Anthony Finta.

Can I use a copy of your map on my Web site?
No. If you like our maps and need to include maps in your site, we ask that you provide a link to us and explain to people where they are going. We don't license maps at this point for two reasons: they are our exclusive property and create value on our site, and our sponsors that pay to appear on them don't want their value diluted by having other similiar maps distributed on the Web. Our maps are copyright protected and violations of this policy will not be tolerated.

However, if you have a need for a specialty print map, we may be able to help. Please contact Anthony Finta if you have questions about a print map.

Can I search Caribbean-On-Line?
Yes - a search box is located on the top right and bottom center of most pages. We use Google site search. On our travel forums there are also separate search forms - using these will search the forums.

What is the legal drinking (gambling, car rental, etc.) age on Jamaica (St. Lucia, Cayman, etc.) ?
The legal drinking age on most islands is 18. That is also the usual legal gambling age for islands with casinos. To rent a car, the minimun age is usually 24 or 25, though some agencies on some islands will let people 21 and over rent cars. You should check our individual island Travel Tips pages for this type of info, and contact the respective tourist boards of the islands you are interested in.

Why don't the hotel pages have more information?
Our pages provide at the least hotel names, locations and phone numbers. As we integrate travel sales into our sites you will see expanded hotel listings with the option to find out even more about a certain hotel or to book directly with us. See our Hotel & Resort page for links to specific hotels.

Can I find work in the Caribbean?
We suggest you contact the tourist boards of the individual islands for the names and addresses of the appropriate local government office concerning employment in the Caribbean. (Tourist board phone numbers and addresses are listed on many our Travel Tips pages.) For U.S. citizens seeking employment in the U.S. Virgin Islands, there is no need for visas and work permits, as they are a part of the U.S. Most other Caribbean Islands however are very protective of the limited number of jobs available. Again, our Travel Forums are a good place to research this question, as it has been asked and answered many times.

Can I connect to the internet in the Caribbean?
Yes, you can - but it is usually not timely enough for most vacations and somewhat more expensive than in the U.S. We plan to offer pages devoted to Caribbean internet access in the future and some of our Travel Tips pages will soon list access providers for specific islands. Wireless services are becoming more popular also and you may be able to get on-line with your wireless laptop in your hotel or villa.

I live in Haiti (Martinique, Guadeloupe, etc.), why isn't it included in Caribbean-On-line?
Caribbean-On-Line was a branch of Cartographers Ltd until 1999. Cartographers Ltd have been making tourist maps of the Caribbean and Mexico for more than ten years. They started with just one map, St.Thomas, and usually add about an island a year, according to sponsors requests and fiscal feasibility. We add destinations as the maps become available. We hope in the future to include all of the Caribbean Islands.

Why can't I download a map?
This is a common question and is usually solved by allocating more memory to your browser. Please remember that our maps are copyright protected and are for personal use only. You can receive some of our print maps in the mail for a small shipping and handling charge (as of 2005 most of the Cartographers Ltd maps are now at of print and out of stock). See our Map Order Information page for details.

How can I get my business listed in or linked to from Caribbean-On-Line?
More information about linking to us and getting your business or Web site listed is available from our Advertising page.

What is the weather like in June (July, August, etc.)? When is hurricane season?
Most of the Caribbean is considered sub-tropical. It is nice all the time! (almost) Average temperatures are usually between 65 and 85 degress fahrenheit for most islands, for most of the year. Tourist "season" generally coincides with winter in the Northerm Hemisphere, from about November to April, but the Caribbean has become a year round vacation stop. The official hurricane season runs from August to November, but August storms are rare. You can find more weather info and links on our Caribbean-On-Line Weather page.

If the FAQs above don't provide the information you are looking for, you can post questions on our own Caribbean Travel Forums.

Health & Safety Links:

Center For Disease Control Caribbean Travelers Page
Health tips and health safety advice for the Caribbean region. The CDC also has an Outbreaks page for timely news on any Caribbean travel health news.
US State Department Travel Warnings & Consular Information Sheets
Official travel warnings and advisories.

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