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Aruba Dining

Now you can write reviews of your favorite Aruba Restaurants! Go to our User Review section for more information or to leave a review. Reviews will be posted on the Aruba Dining Review page.

To call Aruba from the United States, first dial the international access code 011, followed by the country code 297 and then the 6-digit local number.

  • Benihana Aruba ...826-788
    Enjoy fine Japanese fare at this steakhouse with a nice sushi bar. Take
  • Buccaneer Restaurant ...866-172
    This unique "buccaneer" hideout has a special design and atmosphere. One sailboat with 12 saltwater aquariums, the other an underwater cave with a 5,000 gallon saltwater tank. The menu specializes in fresh seafood.
  • Café Bahia
    A casual Aruban place with delicious Caribbean food and festive atmosphere. When paying with American Express receive
  • French Steakhouse ...823-444
    Located at the Manchebo Beach Resort. Have a memorable dining experience at this wonderful steakhouse that serves fare to please every palate.
  • The French Steakhouse Garden Terrace ...823-444
    The sister restaurant to French Steakhouse, this one is located in Oranjestad. Serves juicy North and South America cuts of beef and continental cuisine. Also has an extensive wine list.
  • Hooters Aruba ...826-788
    A neighborhood restaurant for beer, wings and a lot of fun!
  • Iguana Joe's ...839-373
    A Caribbean theme restaurant with an award-winning chef and acclaimed specialty drinks.
  • La Dolce Vita ...885-592
    Delightful Italian fare and a very nice wine list.
  • La Terraza Café ...836-046
    Dine at this family restaurant situated in the busiest mall in Aruba. With very attractive prices they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Pirate's Nest ...831-100
    Fine dining under the stars in the galleon on the beach. Specializing in fresh fish and fine steaks.
  • The Promenade Restaurant ...843-131
    A cozy place with a high class international menu at reasonable prices.
  • Tony Roma's Famous for Ribs ...867-427
    Casual dining adjacent to high rise hotels and casinos.
  • Twinkletones ...860-633
    A casual restaurant that's known for its prime ribs and fresh seafood dishes, its singing Chef Chico and the entertaining dancing waiters.

To locate these restaurants on our maps, look for this symbol Dining and Restaurants in the maps' referenced grids. (To call Aruba from the United States, first dial the international access code 011, followed by the country code 297 and then the 6-digit local number.)

  1. Boononoonoos (Oranjestad Map F-6) ...831888
    Caribbean, French and international fare in a colorful and casual setting.
  2. Brisas Del Mar (Aruba Map H-12) ...847718
    Enjoy authentic local seafood at this oceanside restaurant while watching the fishermen bring in the catch of the day.
  3. Buccaneer (Aruba Map D-3) ...866172
    Dine while the tropical fish watch at one of the island's original restaurants. It's set in a genuine ship's atmosphere and serves international cuisine with a distinctly European touch.
  4. Charlie's Restaurant (San Nicolas Map E-5) ...845086
    A lively "Dutch" pub in historic San Nicolas. Enjoy funky decor, the fresh jumbo shrimp, seafood, steaks, sandwiches. Charlie's is a gallery for local artists, a favorite of writers and a must for visitors.
  5. Chez Mathilde (Oranjestad Map F-4) ...834968
    Small, elegant dining rooms plus a beautiful garden set a romantic mood in this original 19th century house. Enjoy delicious French food-from escargot to crepe suzettes-complemented by the finest wine list on the island.
  6. L'Escale (Oranjestad Map F-5) ...836000
    Award-winning cuisine in an elegant setting with beautiful views, excellent wines, extensive cigar list, decadent desserts and entertainment.
  7. El Gaucho Argentine Grill (Oranjestad Map E-8) ...823677
    A bit of Argentina in Oranjestad. Feast on the best cuts of "carne," especially suited for a ranchero's barbeque. They also serve a variety of seafood specialties, including shrimp and squid.
  8. The Old Cunucu House (Aruba Map D-3) ...861666
    Aruban delicacies as well as international cuisine can be enjoyed in any of the intimate rooms, decorated with original paintings, prints and ceramic art.
  9. Papiamento Restaurant (Aruba Map D-3) ...864544
    Set in the authentic 19th-century country home of the owners. The carefully chosen menu of international and Caribbean favorites includes entrees of beef, lamb and fresh seafood.
  10. Le Petit Cafe (Aruba Map D-2; Oranjestad Map F-4/F-5) ...864046
    This informal restaurant on the town square is a perfect spot for lunch or dinner after shopping. They feature salads and sandwiches and a selection of entrees served sizzling on "hot stone" platters.

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