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B&B Map of Barbados

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Tourist Information

 Tourist Information:
    Barbados Tourism Authority - US 800-221-9831
    • New York:
      800 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10017
      Tel: 212-986-6516   Fax: 212-573-9850
    • California:
      3440 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1215, Los Angeles, CA 90010
      Tel: 213-380-2198 or 800-221-9831
    • Florida:
      150 Alhambra Circle, Suite 1270, Coral Gables, FL 33132
      Tel: 305-442-7471   Fax: 305-567-2844
    Barbados Tourism Authority - Canada
    Suite 1010, 105 Adelaide Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5H 1P9
    Tel: 416-214-9880   Fax: 416-214 9882
    Barbados Tourism Authority - Germany
    Neue Mainer Strasse 22, 60311 Frankfurt am Main
    Tel: 49-69-24-26-96-30   Fax: 49-69-23-00-77
    Barbados Tourism Authority - Sweden
    Göran Nordkvist, Skeptsbron 22-se-111, 30 Stockholm
    Tel: 46-08411-5066   Fax: 46-08411-5067
    Barbados Tourism Authority - Italy
    Olga Mazzoni, Thema Nuovi Mondi srl. Via Gherardini 2 - 20145 Milano
    Tel: 39-0233105841   Fax: 39-0233105827
    Barbados Tourism Authority - The Netherlands
    Breitnerlaan 298, 2596 HG The Hague, The Netherlands
    Tel: 31-70-328-08-24   Fax: 31-70-328-08-38
    Barbados Tourism Authority - France
    Office du Tourisme de la Barbade
    c/o Tropic Travel, 8 rue Saint Marc, 75002 Paris, France
    Tel: 33-1-42-36-51-18   Fax: 33-1-42-36-51-19

The official currency is the Barbados Dollar, but the US and Canadian dollars are widely accepted. The United Nations offers exchange rate information.

The official language of Barbados is English, but it is often spoken with a Barbadian (or Bajan) lilt or a hint of a British accent.

The population of Barbados is estimated to be 284,000.

Our Caribbean Sailing Resources page includes lists of upcoming regattas, boat charter information and links to other sailing related sites.

The area code is 246, followed by a 7 digit local number.

Barbados has a reliable bus system that reaches almost every part of the island. Call the Barbados Tourism Authority for bus schedules.

Taxis are plentiful and run on fixed rates. The average rate is about $16 per hour.

Car Rentals:
The best bet is to take a taxi to your hotel and have your rental car delivered there since delivery to the airport is often slow. Please keep in mind that you must drive on the left.

  • National Car Rental - 246-426-0603
  • P&S Car Rentals - 246-424-2052
  • Stoutes Car Rental - 246-435-4456
  • Sunny Isle Motors - 246-435-7979

Motor Scooters and Bicycles:

  • Fun Seekers - 246-435-9171

See our car rental, airline, cruise line and tour operator listings for more information.

Barbados has a moderate tropical climate which tends to be more dry than some of it's neighboring islands. The average temperature is between 70 to 88 degrees year round. Please visit our Caribbean Weather Page for the latest forecasts and weather news.

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