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Trinidad & Tobago: Hotels & Resorts

Now you can write reviews of your favorite Turks & Caicos Hotels & Resorts! Go to our User Review section for more information or to leave a review. Reviews will be posted on the Hotels & Resort Review page.

Trinidad Tobago
 Trinidad Hotels:

To locate hotels on the Trinidad and Port of Spain maps, look for this symbol Hotels and Resorts in the maps' referenced grids. (The area code for all phone numbers is 868)

  1. Abercromby Inn, Port of Spain (Port of Spain Map D-6) ...623-5259
  2. Alicia's House, St. Ann's (Port of Spain Map A-6) ...624-8651
  3. ASA Wright Nature Center, Arima (Trinidad Map B-6) ...667-4655
  4. Bel Air International Airport Hotel, Piarco (Trinidad Map C-6) ...669-4771
  5. Caribbean Condo Villas, Petit Valley (Trinidad Map B-4) ...632-0113
  6. Carnetta's House & Inn, Maraval (Trinidad Map B-4) ...628-2732
  7. Cascadia Hotel, St. Ann's (Trinidad Map B-4) ...623-3511
  8. Coral Cove Marina Hotel, Chaguaramas (Trinidad Map C-3) ...634-2040
  9. Hilton Hotel Trinidad, Belmont (Port of Spain Map B-6) ...624-3211
  10. Kapok Hotel, Port of Spain (Port of Spain Map B-4) ...622-6441
  11. Laguna Mar, Port of Spain (Trinidad Map A-6) ...628-3731
  12. Maracas Bay Hotel, Maracas (Trinidad Map B-5) ...669-1643
  13. Mikanne Hotel, Point-a-Pierre, (Trinidad Map E-5) ...659-2584
  14. Monique's Guest House & Monique's on the Hill, Maraval (Trinidad Map B-4) ...628-3334
  15. Hotel Mt. Plaisir, Grand Riviere (Trinidad Map A-8) ...670-8381
  16. Normandie Hotel, St. Ann's (Port of Spain Map A-6) ...624-1181
  17. Par May La's Inn, Port of Spain (Port of Spain Map C-4) ...628-2008
  18. Pax Guesthouse, Tunapuna (Trinidad Map B-5) ...662-4084
  19. Trinidad Holiday Inn, Port of Spain (Port of Spain Map E-5) ...625-3362
 Tobago Hotels:

To locate hotels on our Tobago map, look for this symbol Hotels and Resorts in the referenced grid. (The area code for all phone numbers is 868)

  1. Arnos Vale Hotel (D-3) ...639-2881
  2. Arthur's by the Sea (F-1) ...639-0196
  3. Belleviste Apartments (F-1) ...639-3691
  4. Blue Waters Inn (C-8) ...660-4341
  5. Hotel Coconut Inn/Copra Tray (F-1) ...639-8493
  6. Coco Reef Resort (F-1) ...639-8571
  7. Cocorico Inn (E-3) ...639-2961
  8. Golf View Apartments (F-2) ...639-0979
  9. Grafton Beach Resort (E-2) ...639-0191
  10. Le Grand Courland (E-2) ...639-9667
  11. Johnstons Apartments (F-1) ...639-8915
  12. Kariwak Village (F-1) ...639-8545
  13. Manta Lodge (C-8) ...660-5268
  14. Mount Irvine Beach Hotel (E-2) ...639-0974
  15. Old Donkey Cart Resort (E-4) ...639-3551
  16. Old Grange Inn (F-2) ...639-0275
  17. Rex Turtle Beach Hotel (E-3) ...639-2851
  18. Tropikist Beach Hotel (F-1) ...639-8512/3
Guest Houses:
  1. Cuffie River Nature Resort (C-4) ...660-0505
  2. Hampden Inn (F-3) ...639-7522
  3. Naturalist Beach Resort (C-4) ...639-5901
  4. Rainbow Nature Resort (E-6) ...660-4755
  5. Toucan Inn (F-1) ...639-7173
  6. Viola's Place (F-2) ...639-9441
Villas and Cottages:
  1. Cholson Chalet (B-8) ...639-8553
  2. Man-O-War Bay Cottages (B-8) ...660-4289
  3. Plantation Beach Villas (F-2) ...639-9377
  4. Sanctuary Villas Resort (E-2) ...639-9556

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