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West Indies Maps
Tourist Islands of
the West Indies

eastern caribbean map

West Indies MapsTourist Islands of the West Indies by National Geographic $12.95

This is a wall map that ships in a tube so it has no creases. A two sided, coated paper map (NOT laminated), it measures about 36 x 23.25 inches. Both sides now feature the whole Caribbean island chain with the Bahamas, most of Central America and the north shore of South America. One side is in topographic/relief style, with smaller insets of individual islands and some editorial and facts of specific islands and the Caribbean region in general.

This map shows most of the Caribbean basin and the Easterb Caribbean islands including the Leeward and Windward islands and Hispaniola. We also have a Western Caribbean Map and a Caribbean Map

Map of the eastern Caribbean

See our Hurricane Blog for news and check our Caribbean Webcams page for live shots of the islands.

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