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Caribbean-On-Line » Martinique » Travel News » Martinique to Reevaluate Tourism Strategy By September

Martinique to Reevaluate Tourism Strategy By September

Travel Agent Central has an article posted about Martinique's new tourism strategy:

MARTINIQUE - During Travel Agent's participation in an ongoing press trip in Martinique, we had the privilege of sitting down Monday with Madeliene Jouye de Grandmaison, chairwoman of the Martinique Promotion Bureau. De Grandmaison, through a translator, told us the prime minister of France will conduct a meeting in September to reevaluate Martinique's tourism strategy, including plans to pursue direct flights from the U.S. and allowing locals to work on Sunday in order to keep shops open for cruise passengers.

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Bubba970 said:

I love Martinique, but the tourist industry there seems to almost zero knowledge, of what the American tourist wants and is willing to pay.

Here are three glaring examples.

1. Note in the news above, that the government is considering having shops open (on Sunday) while cruise ships are in port. It would amaze the American Tourists to find out that the shops wouldn't be open when the ships are in port!

2. Restaurants are open from 12:30pm to 2:30pm and again from 7pm to 9pm to allow tourists to dine. American tourists don't expect to be allowed to dine. They expect to dine anytime they want, especially when on vacation. I can think of only 2 restaurants on the island that avoid this rule. One is Havana Cafe in Point du Bout and the other is Mac Donalds across from the airport!

3. Don't try to rent a car at times that are inconvenient either. Expect them to be closed for several hours in the middle of the day only to open for about 2 hours in the evening. This is Budget and Avis! If you take a taxi to the airport you will find better hours, but who would expect a 30 minute taxi ride to find a rental location that is open. Do not expect to rent the car in English. If you must rent the car in English please go to the airport, but not in the terminal, go to the area where they wash and refuel the cars, Avis has a desk there that may have someone during regular business hours, but you should call and confirm first.

I repeat, I love Martinique, partly because it is not Americanized. I go there for something different, but I understand why Americans do not go there.

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