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Bullet Name: Your name will accompany your review - you may use just a first name or nickname if you wish.
Bullet Email: Your email address must be supplied in case we need to verify anything with you. It will not be published as part of your review unless you tell us to do so.
Bullet Island: We are only accepting reviews for the islands we cover on Caribbean-On-Line and for islands that we will cover soon.
Bullet Type Of Review: Choose which type of review you are leaving - hotel, resort, villa, restaurant or other.
Bullet Name of Establishment: Please tell us the name of what you are reviewing.
Bullet Ratings: Please rate the establishment with our simple 4 star system:
Bullet Your Review: A good review includes what you liked and didn't like about the establishment - but remember these reviews are not for bashing. Let the reader know what it was that pleased you about your experience. The review should be 2 or 3 well thought out paragraphs or at least one half of a page (in Microsoft Word for example). They can be longer if you wish but reviews that run into several pages may be edited for length.

We don't want to censor reviews but remember that the goal is trying to help fellow travelers by stressing the positives. Please don't include the following in a review: Obscenities, rude remarks, or personal attacks. Phone numbers, email addresses, or Web site addresses (these are liable to change and then your review becomes outdated) also should not be included. Any review in violation of these points may not be published.

Please remember, we want to publish the good and bad, but using phrases like, "this place #$&#!#$!" or "DON'T GO THERE" will only ensure that your review is not published. Our star rating system obviously leans toward positive experiences and there are certain liabilities we bear if a review is all negative. If you had a terrible experience at a certain property this is not the place to discuss it - it should be taken up with the management of the establishment or the person who sold you your trip.

We kindly ask for your cooperation in trying to make this an informative place to help fellow travelers.

If you are just making a quick comment or have a question you should use our Forums (or from the drop down menu above).

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