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Caribbean-On-Line / St. Barts / News / A Few Initiatives for 2010

A Few Initiatives for 2010

Beach Parking in Marigot The Collectivity is ready to purchase two parcels of land in Marigot that are close to the public access to the beach with the intent to add eight parking spaces.

Solar Hot-Water Heaters The Environment Commission is mandating that beginning in 2011 all new construction must include solar hot-water heaters. Several of the members of the Territorial Council are concerned that this requirement could be a burden for certain property owners. Thus, the Collectivity has allocated 220,000 euros to assist in the installation of the solar hot-water heaters and the solar panels that go on the rooftops. For an island where the sun seems to shine almost every day, this seems to be a step in the right direction.

More Road Improvements This year looks like it will be just as busy as 2009 regarding road improvement. The Collectivity has allocated 17.7%, or 14 million euros, for road work. In addition to completing several projects that begun in 2009 and suspended during the high season, the Collectivity has planned to undertake the following projects during 2010.

Villa Créole-Lorient The road from Villa Créole to Lorient will be repaved and the sharp curve will be reshaped.

Camaruche The steep hill leading to Camaruche from Lorient will be completely redone. This hill can be very slippery when it rains, and the repaving will address that issue. The addition of sidewalks may be on the agenda but is under further research due to houses that are close to the road and the potential cost.

Grand Fond-Petite Saline Once the work is completed on the farther part of the road leading from Lorient to Grand Fond, work will begin on the section at the intersection for Lorient and Saline. Residents of Grand Fond will have to make a large detour and go past Le Toiny to access other parts of the island. The work is estimated to take six months and will include repaving, sidewalks and stone walls.

Anse des Cayes The repaving of the higher part of the road in Anse des Cayes was postponed because residents requested sidewalks. This work will begin in 2010 along with providing the infrastructure to run cables.

Bridges in St Jean and Lorient The work to repave these two bridges is estimated at one month. Traffic in St Jean will be directed to take a detour around the salt pond. The bridge in Lorient presents a larger problem as repair work will limit access to Camaruche and that side of the island. The ideal solution is to try to create a detour via the road past the church. If this is not possible, the only alternative is to go via Grand Fond, where road work will also be underway. However, as the bridge has started to collapse, there is no choice.

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