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Things are Opening/Temenos/Anyone reading this forum?

PostPosted: Sat Oct 24, 2009 8:02 pm
by ondine
I've been meaning to contribute more to this site, but found myself quite busy this summer, partly due to being so new to this island (since April). If anyone has interest in local updates on this site, I'll certainly try to do my part to try and get this going more:
Things are opening up here for the season, which is nice to see after two months of missing favorite restaurants, etc. It seems Nov 1st is the magic day for everyone not currently open. It's been a very quiet hurricane season, so I'm sure there are many that may have opened earlier than expected as a result.
Best spot to get your Temenos updates: http://corruptionfreeanguilla.blogspot. ... =sillerman, seems things are still moving w/ sillerman, and I heard that Cap Juluca bailed out on their proposed management of the golf course only. So, keep your clubs stowed for trips here at present.

Anyone reading this forum? I sure wish this was like the St. John one with so much activity and it's own little community of friends....It would be great to connect to others here or visiting this island.

I'll post more if anyone asks...