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First time visitor to Ku and Anguilla - questions!

Travel & news discussion about Anguilla

First time visitor to Ku and Anguilla - questions!

Postby Riverdale » Sun Jan 22, 2006 9:01 am

We'll be staying at the new/revised Ku Hotel on Shoal Bay and wonder if any visitors to this site have been there recently. Are the problems with this start-up noted by visitors elsewhere fixed or is the hotel still in the process of working out early problems? Is there a functioning store now at the hotel and does anyone have any essential tips for a first-time visitor?

Where does one eat at moderate prices? Do we need to rent a car to go to lunch or dinner or is there sufficient in walking distance from Ku?

We have been contacted by Charanell's concierge service - does anyone have any experience with Charanell and the services which she and her company offer? Any necessary advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Postby cc/axa » Sun Jan 22, 2006 3:08 pm

We have not stayed there.
There are places to eat on Shoal Bay. For a nice dinner without spending a lot of money try the English Rose in the Valley. You will need a car for that.
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Postby axadreamer » Tue Jan 24, 2006 5:48 am

It appears that many of Ku's kinks are being rapidly worked out - it is clear that Ku's management heard the initial negative feedback and Cap Juluca has committed more resources to making sure the place is run right. Had a drink at the famous 75 foot bar the other day and there were more chairs facing the water than the reverse.

You will probably want to rent a car. Shoal Bay has some restaurants, but many are not open for dinner and the best ones are located elsewhere. For moderate restaurants, I'd suggest Roy's Bayside, Picante, E's Oven, English Rose - to get to any of them you will need to drive or take a taxi (but a round trip taxi costs almost as much as getting a car). Besides, you will likley want to explore some of Anguilla and it's other spectacular beaches.
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Postby pepper » Tue Jan 24, 2006 11:16 am

I guess that if someone is new to Anguilla and a bit nervous about the process of getting there, it may be an alternative for them to spend their hard earned bucks to have a service get them through immigration and pick up their luggage.
But you see, the thing is, that standing in the immigration line isn't all that bad and by the time you are done, the luggage will just about be coming out anyway so any service cannot possibly retrieve your luggage any faster than you can.
Personally, I'd say, save those bucks for an extra lunch at Malli's Bistro.
As for the ferry, if saving a half hour doesn't mean all that much, take the taxi to St. Martin and go with the regular ferry (cheaper) .
However, if the Link is running and leaving close to your arrival time, go for the bit higher rate(well worth it and much nicer boat) and go from the airport instead of traveling to St. Martin and wasting that 1/2 hr.
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