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Peaceful reactions

Travel & news discussion about Haiti

Peaceful reactions

Postby KarenS » Fri Feb 17, 2006 7:43 am

With Préval declared the winner in the recent election Reuters reports: "Preval supporters poured into those streets in the dark -- the agreement was announced in the middle of the night -- in a cacophony of honking car horns and beating drums.
'This gives us hope again," said Dorcely Jean-Claude, 39, celebrating near the U.N. base. 'Now there is no more violence.'...They carried two six-foot (two-metre) snakes, powerful symbols in the voodoo religion practiced by about half of Haiti's 8.5 million people.
'God sent Preval for us,' one man shouted.
'Tell U.N. they can leave now, we have our president,' a woman said."

Let's hope people of the world will help out by visiting this small piece of paradise.
Karen for
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