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Yachting to Martinique

PostPosted: Wed Mar 29, 2006 8:07 am
by KarenS
According to Matthew Colins from "Luxis" about where best to sail your yacht: "What makes Martinique a great island is the fact that even though it is a pretty populated place, very few cruise ships dock here and the daily life stays pretty relaxed. The island is a French Overseas Department, meaning that the island is technically French home turf and even votes in the French Assembly. This enables the island to boast the best highways and paved roads in the Caribbean. Martinique is a great place to see rainfores and the great volcano, Mt. Pelee, that destroyed the old capital St. Pierre. Side note: If you want to experience the lush nature of Hawaii and don't wish to make the long plane trip, Martinique is a great alternative."