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Docking in Puerto Rico?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 29, 2007 8:51 am
by KarenS
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Seagoers have been calling at Puerto Rico since before Christopher Columbus arrived off the coast 500 years ago. And while the island's beige beaches offer plenty of places to pull a boat ashore, cruise ships have three choices: San Juan, Ponce and Mayagüez.

The north-shore port of San Juan is the big dog. It's where all but a handful of ships cruising to the island tie up, and the city embarked nearly 600,000 passengers in 2005. Ponce on the south shore is a pup with aspirations that has received three ships. And Mayagüez on Puerto Rico's western, surfin' side welcomed its first ship in December and another in January.

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