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Sea Trek Tours

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Sea Trek Tours

Postby liz pereira » Mon Dec 03, 2007 9:27 pm

Ziggy’s Bar and Grill launches innovative underwater Sea Trek Tours

Monday December 03, 2007 by Akedia Christopher

Popular beach bar, Ziggy’s Bar and Grill, located at the strip, Frigate Bay, last Saturday launched its innovative underwater Sea Trek Tours in celebration of their first anniversary.

Owner/Operator of the bar, Ryan Schlosser, explained that the new activity is unlike any other accustomed sea adventure such as snorkelling and deep sea diving.

He said Sea Trek is an underwater helmet diving experience in the form of a tour.

Schlosser explained, that “instead of diving or snorkelling… it’s like an in between thing, we take you out on a platform out in front of Bird Rock reef area, there you walk down a ladder you wear a helmet on your head with supplied air from the surface and you go into 30 feet of water… and you just walk around in the bottom of the ocean and it's very safe…

“It’s been done all over the world in Malaysia, Japan, Cayman Islands, Aruba” and many other areas in the world.

He additionally stated that the location they identified for the tours “is beautiful, there is everything you could ever want to see under there.”

According to Schlosser, “We make sure that while we are down there doing the sea trek that nothing is being hurt, the reef, none of the sea life, we don’t harm anything down there.”

And they intend to stay true to their saying ‘take nothing but memories, leave only bubbles’ in hope of protecting the life form in the ocean.

He also told the SUN that the experience is good for people who have never seen under the ocean and those who are somewhat scared and cannot swim.

He thinks that the initiative is a good way for individuals to explore the bottom of the ocean without fear.

Schlosser stated that the tours should be in full operation in another week or so and that it caters for nine individuals maximum.
liz pereira
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