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Postby EnvyGreen » Fri Jun 02, 2006 3:14 pm

Hello -

I'm planning a trip for October, but the whole airport thing has me confused.

We'll be staying at a resort near Castries. I'd like to use the airport on the north end of the island, but I can't figure out which airport code goes with which airport.

SLU is Castries and UVF is the other one? Or do I have it backwords??

Also - If I get stuck flying into the southern airport anyway (it seems that most of the planes fly there), I'd like to do something other than the typical taxi ride to the resort. I've seen both water taxis and helecopters mentioned - but I don't know how to find information about them - or even if they would be a realistic (reliable) option.


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Postby MShell » Sun Jul 09, 2006 2:07 pm

It all depends where you are flying from.
If you fly from the UK most of the flights go into UVF Hewanorra (Southern Airport), except BMI who fly via Barbados and you catch a connecting flight into George FL Charles airport (SLU) near Castries.
I think there are more flights from the USA that connect and do the same thing, but I am pretty sure the all the direct flights go into the main International airport (UVF).
The helicopter flight is well worth the money in my opinion, we have used the service 4 times and they have alwaysa been great with us. The cost is $120 USD per person each way (under 2's go free)
Go to for further information
As far as water taxis, you won't get one from the southern airport, and if you manage to fly into the northern airport you won't need one.
I would recommend taking a boat tour while you are visiting though, it's a great day out.
You can also hire a Limo for approx $200 USD each way (from the southern airport to Castries) which we have done twice and is a nice way to travel too.
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