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Planning trip to St. Lucia need your advice/opinions please

Travel & news discussion about St. Lucia

Planning trip to St. Lucia need your advice/opinions please

Postby one4islands » Fri Aug 10, 2007 6:22 am

St. Lucia opinions needed please

I am planning our June vacation (really decided on an island). I have always wanted to go to St. Lucia, but never have. I think the scenery intrigues me, but the popularity of the island keeps me away. So, I am trying to figure out whether or not to visit. If I go, I know for sure I will be staying at the Bay Gardens Beach Resort (new) on Reduit Beach. Would love to stay somewhere further south, but due to other travelers in the party this would be best location. I am wondering where on Reduit Beach this resort is-what other hotels is it in between or is if further away from the Rex resorts? I am somewhat familiar with this area after years of reading about St. Lucia. Also, how about the golf course-worth it or not? I know the new under construction Greg Norman course will not be ready, but it looks spectacular from the construction website. I plan on doing a cat sail to Soufriere/Marigot, zip line rainforest, helicopter tour, and a sailboat trip to Martinique (not the crowded cat trip). Has anyone done any of these and can offer advice?
When choosing an island, I like one with good/great beaches, beautiful scenery (for photos), non-Americanized local feel, friendliness and most importantly lack of tourists which I think St. Lucia will fail me in the department. I have been to many islands (here are some and what I liked/didn't like) can anyone compare where I have been and St. Lucia.
1. Grenada-beautiful beaches/scenery,true island feel, friendly-negative beach vendors
2. Anguilla-spectacular beaches, friendly, true island feel-negative-ugly island (dry scrubby)
3. Provo-best beach in Caribbean negative, no true island feel too much concrete construction going on ruining an ugly dry scrubby island, too Americanized
4. St. Kitt/Nevis-good beaches, spectacular scenery, true island feel, friendly-no negative
5. St. Vincent-beautiful scenery, friendly-no good beaches, true island feel, quiet
6. Grenadines-beautiful scenery, laid back true island feel, friendly, quiet

ANy input/opinions will be greatly appreciated. I think if I can ignore too many people issue I may enjoy what St. Lucia has to offer. June will be the off season I hope!

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Postby OttawaBob » Wed Aug 22, 2007 7:22 am

I am also looking at going to St. Lucia, but I am considering Almond Morgan Bay (AI), Windjammer Landing (AI) or The Village Inn (non-AI). I didn’t know that there was a Bay Gardens on Reduit Beach. I will look at adding that to my list. FYI, their website is and there is an 800 number, so you can find out where exactly it is located.

My activity list includes a cat sail to Soufriere/Marigot, a helicopter tour, going to Pigeon Point, exploring Castries (the market, Derek Walcott Square, Morne Fortune and Fort Charlotte) and maybe a game of golf, so your list looks good to me.

I agree with your opinion of St. Kitts/Nevis. From what I have read, St. Lucia is best known for its scenery. Since I don't go in the mid-December to April timeframe, I have never really been concerned about how many people are there.
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Postby kimneilson » Tue Sep 11, 2007 1:27 pm

I just posted a lengthy review of St. Lucia in the forum if you wanted to read! I definately would not call St. Lucia commercialized, there is poverty in some of the local towns, Rodney Bay is nice and I don't think you can find mountainous terrain like this with ocean and beautiful beaches anywhere.
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