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surf Antigua?

PostPosted: Tue Aug 01, 2006 7:52 pm
by KarenS
So how does tropical storms (ie. Chris) effect the surf (for surfing) in Antigua?


PostPosted: Mon Aug 07, 2006 2:01 am
by Terry - Fallston, MD
"KarenS" .....

Of course, storms like "Chris", AFFECT the islands that they pass nearby. What is your point ??????????

What??? Antigua is supposed to an island to travel to for "surfing"???????????

You're supposed to be a "Site Administrator" ... but you continue to "BOMBARD" this site with provoking questions that, IMO, border on the obvious.

Do you TRULY think that your threads ENCOURAGE others to respond ??????????????

When you are so blatant as to your "role" in making a posting or response ......... What the heck do you think that "telegraphs" to others ????

You should take a lesson from the "" site ... as to what NOT to do.

I haven't seen "Eli", of all people, make a posting nor response on this site in months !!!

Why ??? Pray tell ...... Do you think that is the case ??????????

PostPosted: Mon Aug 07, 2006 6:42 am
by KarenS
Ordinarily surfing is not available in Antigua. I happen to live in an area where surfing is a big focus. We travel and while in Antigua a few years back, I chatted with a fellow who loved when hurricanes came up the northeast coast. Apparently the swells actually reached way down to Antigua, making decent surf. In our area, tropical storms can make choppy surf but sometimes big, fun surf. My question was legitimate. I'd like to know how tropical storms ordinarily affect surfing around the island of Antigua. Since it's a small island I'm wondering if, when a tropical storm comes by, does it overtake the island thus making it (unfortunately) not a surf opportunity or can it actually be organized such that the waves are great. ...I'm sorry I offended you with this question.

As with regards to "bombardment", I am simply supplying news articles that may be of interest to travelers. Please feel free to skip any of my postings as they apparently make you cranky.