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Planning first trip to island with toddler twins-crazy?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 15, 2007 11:06 pm
by karen49
We are looking for a care free holiday & the beaches sound absolutely fantastic. Now that we have kids in tow we are budget minded & planning on staying at the Comfort suites. I've read it's centrally located, beach 5 minute walk with shopping centre next door. We don't plan to spend much time in the room; just hit the beach & dine out (moderate & the odd fine dining) & flake out.

Anyone stayed at Comfort? The rate is cheap, so I'm skeptical if this place is suitable. Is the walk from hotel to beach ok for three year olds or will we need strollers? Is the water warm Feb/Mar., what is average air temp. Is island water drinkable.

Any feedback would be most appreciated.

Thx., Karen

PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2007 9:55 am
by larem51
I'm feeling bad no one answered your post!

I see it was from january...yikes.

I can't answer the question of 'with toddler twins, are we crazy' ONLY you could answer that.

From one Karen to another, if you are only using your lodging as a place to shower, shave and .... rest, the Comfort Suites should suit you fine (not so bad a budget hotel). On my trip report here you can see photos of it.

It has been said it is a 15 minute walk from hotel to beach, I figure those people must've been crawling, it took us less than 5.

I think 3 year olds could walk it easily, after a day playing in the water, I wonder at the walk back though.

You've probably booked all your 'stuff' by now, but I will again say, for all the flack Comfort Suites gets for not being on the water, not having water views, not being 4 star...for the budget minded user, for someone who only uses it for sleeping, it isn't such a bad deal.

Pet Potcake Patty for me, if you do stay there!