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White Witch Golf Course Jamaica pictures

PostPosted: Mon Jul 17, 2006 9:56 am
by Anthony
A friend of the site, Yardi, has been kind enough to send us some great photos from his trip to Jamaica. Below are several shots of the <a href="">White Witch</a> - a course any golfer would obviously love to get a chance to play.

<img src="/images/jamaica-golf/white-witch-hole-1-10.jpg">
A view of the 1st and 10th fairways.

<img src="/images/jamaica-golf/white-witch-hole-1-approach.jpg">
The approach on the first hole.

<img src="/images/jamaica-golf/white-witch-hole-1-fairway.jpg">
Fairway on number 1.

<img src="/images/jamaica-golf/white-witch-hole-1.jpg">
Number 1 as seen from afar (I think - may have got this one wrong).

<img src="/images/jamaica-golf/white-witch-hole-2.jpg">
Number 2

<img src="/images/jamaica-golf/white-witch-hole-2b.jpg">
Closer shot of the green on number 2 - what a great looking golf hole.

<img src="/images/jamaica-golf/white-witch-hole-10.jpg">
Number 10

<img src="/images/jamaica-golf/white-witch-hole-10t-fairway.jpg">
The 10th fairway.

<img src="/images/jamaica-golf/white-witch-hole-11.jpg">
The 11th

<img src="/images/jamaica-golf/white-witch-hole-11b.jpg">
Closer shot of the green on number 11 - a challenging looking hole!

<img src="/images/jamaica-golf/white-witch-hole-15.jpg">
The 15th

<img src="/images/jamaica-golf/white-witch-hole-18.jpg">
The 18th

Yardi let me know if I got any of the captions wrong - I think I may have confused at least one. Thanks for the pictures!