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Royal Oasis sale announced by PM

PostPosted: Tue Apr 17, 2007 1:56 am
by Anthony
From <a href=""><b>The Freeport News</b></a>:

"Harcourt Development Company has won the bid to purchase the distressed Crowne Plaza Golf Resort and Casino at the Royal Oasis, Prime Minister Perry Christie told Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) supporters at a campaign rally in Grand Bahama Saturday night.

Free National Movement Leader Hubert Ingraham had earlier told thousands of FNM supporters at their rally several blocks away in the City Mrket downtown parking lot that he expected the PLP would be making the announcement soon.

"They're probably going to tell you very soon, if not tonight, that the Royal Oasis is sold. Well thanks very much, thank you and good-bye," Hubert Ingraham said.

The FNM boss pointed out that the PLP had some time to do something about the Royal Oasis drama.

"They had the power to do something for five years. Only months ago Perry Christie told us that he had to bring focus to bear on the sale of the Royal Oasis, like he didn't know he ought to have had focus on it all along, since the hurricane. Now he says he's focussed," Ingraham noted. "Well, if you believe him, too bad, too sad for you. I don't believe him and you shouldn't either."

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