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Exuma Weather: "Isles of the Perpetual June"

Bahamas Travel & News discussion

Exuma Weather: "Isles of the Perpetual June"

Postby tcorbs » Wed Mar 12, 2008 4:38 pm

Suppose you overheard someone speaking about a place that had an average of 320 days of warm sunshine, temperate breezes, and clear skies almost all of the time. The person goes on to describe endless sunny days of fishing, golfing, and swimming. He talks of lolling on a comfortable terrace with an ice-cold beverage after a hard day of work and basking in a gentle, balmy zephyr. One might think that there exists no such place that can provide such wonderful weather in which to frolic, play, and relax and this person is relaying an elaborate dream or an unreachable fantasy. Exuma weather may be dream-like, but it is most definitely not a figment of the imagination.

<b>The Seasons</b><br>
The islands that make up the Exumas are located in a sub-tropical zone. Since there is no snow and sleet, it is hard to think of the Bahamas as having concrete seasons, but they do. Although we associate the changing of seasons with new buds on trees, piles of fallen leaves, and snowstorms, it is not so simple in regards to Exuma weather. Their summers, which are warm with temperatures of approximately 89° Fahrenheit, fall between the months of May and September. Those who associate the warm summer months with a sweltering, sweat-inducing haze can take comfort, as the balmy breezes blowing gently off the Atlantic Ocean usually keep that pesky humidity at bay. As expected, Exuma winters (minus the snow, of course!) fall between October and April and are generally drier and cooler. However, temperatures will seldom drop below 75°F during the day and 62°F in the evening. Exuma weather also consists of a rainy season (between May and October), but the majority of the precipitation will occur in brief summer showers and mostly in the northern regions.

Many will associate tropical destinations with tropical storms and hurricanes. Hurricane season in this region spans between the end of May through to the end of November, but rarely affects the Exuma region. It is more likely that the Exuma islands will receive the heavy rains and rougher weather that come on the outskirts of a severe tropical storm or squall.

Click the link to see <a href="">Average Monthly Tempertures in the Exuma Bahamas</a>

Since Exuma weather remains pleasant almost all-year-round, the waters also stay at the ideal temperature, perfect for all the water activities and events that make the Exumas such a supreme location. The Bahamas have been poetically nicknamed, "The Isles of Perpetual June" and with their gentle trade winds that blow off the Gulf Stream and their abundant days of heavenly sunshine, it is not hard to see why. Exuma weather is not the only attraction to this ever-popular tropical location, but sultry island evenings and sensuous sunshine make it one of the most comfortable places on earth.

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