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Super 8 Schedule

News, information and discussion for this year's Cricket World Cup being held throughout the Caribbean

Super 8 Schedule

Postby KarenS » Mon Mar 26, 2007 7:07 am

March 27: West Indies (D2) vs. Australia (A1), Antigua,
March 28: South Africa (A2) vs. Sri Lanka (B1), Guyana
March 29: West Indies (D2) vs. New Zealand (C1), Antigua
March 30: Ireland (D1) vs. England (C2), Guyana
March 31: Australia (A1) vs. Bangladesh (B2), Antigua
April 1: West Indies (D2) vs. Sri Lanka (B1), Guyana
April 2: Bangladesh (B2) vs. New Zealand (C1), Antigua
April 3: Ireland (D1) vs. South Africa (A2), Guyana
April 4: England (C2) vs. Sri Lanka (B1), Antigua
April 7: Bangladesh (B2) vs. South Africa (A2), Guyana
April 8: Australia (A1) vs. England (C2), Antigua
April 9: Ireland (D1) vs. New Zealand (C1), Guyana
April 10: West Indies (D2) vs. South Africa (A2), Grenada
April 11: England (C2) vs. Bangladesh (B2), Barbados
April 12: Sri Lanka (B1) vs. New Zealand (C1), Grenada
April 13: Australia (A1) vs. Ireland (D1), Barbados
April 14: South Africa (A2) vs. New Zealand (C1), Grenada
April 15: Bangladesh (B2) vs. Ireland (D1), Barbados
April 16: Australia (A1) vs. Sri Lanka (B1), Grenada
April 17: South Africa (A2) vs. England (C2), Barbados
April 18: Ireland (D1) vs. Sri Lanka (B1), Grenada
April 19: West Indies (D2) vs. Bangladesh (B2), Barbados
April 20: Australia (A1) vs. New Zealand (C1), Grenada
April 21: West Indies (D2) vs. England (C2), Barbados
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