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Just Back Once Again

PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2007 1:39 pm
by Cockspurman
Just back from beautiful Barbados once again and it is looking good.There is a new dual carriageway getting built on the main highway so this has made the coast road a lot busier but apart from that the place has not changed greatly.The airport is looking great and our friend done the Concorde and said that it is very good.The weather was as usual fantastic just some rain mostly at night,Carlisle Bay is getting all redeveloped right into Bridgetown,the capital itself is looking great with a lot of work on the old car park at Independence Bridge,this is now Independence Square with fountains in the style of the Barbados flag and lots of nice seating areas.The south coast beaches are as great as ever apart from Sandy Beach which has mostly been reclaimed by the sea.The Gap is looking good apart from all the taxis using the lovely pavements as a car park making you walk on the road.Restaurants are all still there and just as good and with the exchange rate being 4 to 1 very good value.Hope anyone that is going has as good a time as we had,Danny.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 24, 2007 8:27 am
by Anthony
Thanks so much for the report!