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Cheap accommodation / Sunswept ?

PostPosted: Sun Sep 21, 2008 8:13 pm
by krayzee
Hi Everyone.

I am thinking of going to Barbados (alone) for about two to three weeks in November. I'm looking for the cheapest possible accommodation which meets the following criteria:

-Self Catering
-Has a private balcony with sunset/beach view (white, soft sand and clear water, not pebbles, rocks, plenty of seaweed or the rough East Coast).
-Preferably West Coast. Is there any difference between the beaches of the West and South coasts?
-Won't be eating out or going to bars so the place doesn't have to be near to these.
-Relatively quiet, peaceful and cosy.
-Near a bus stop.

Now I've done a little research and came across Sunswept, however, there are a few things that I need help with:

-The beach! Is it there or isn't it? Is it still white, soft sand and clear water or not? If so, will it be there in November?
-A review mentions that the dividing walls between the balconies are low, hence, privacy is compromised. Is this still correct?
-Another review describes it as noisy, stating that there is a lively bar about 2m from the hotel on one side and car parks on other sides. Is it noisy?
-Are there any obstacles such as trees, etc. blocking the views in front of any of the rooms?
-Can the air condition can be controlled or turned off from the rooms?
-Is this a Barbadian company? If not, who owns it?
-Has anyone got any recent photos taken by themself of this place, especially the beach?
-A review mentions that the beach is very public during daytime. True?

Well, those are my questions on Sunswept. If anyone can assist, it would be more than appreciated and if anyone has any other hotels/accommodation that fits the bill, any suggestions would be great!

Thanks everyone.